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type ApplicationInfo

type ApplicationInfo struct {
	Version   string
	GOVersion string
	BuildDate string
	StartTime time.Time

    ApplicationInfo contains info about the app

    type DeleteReportBulkRequest

    type DeleteReportBulkRequest struct {
    	IDs []uint `json:"ids"`

      DeleteReportBulkRequest is the request to delete bulk reports

      type DetailsCreated

      type DetailsCreated struct {
      	// Number of successfully created detail objects
      	Success uint `json:"success"`
      	// Number of failed detail objects
      	Fail uint `json:"fail"`

        DetailsCreated summary of how many details got created and how many failed

        type ExportAPI

        type ExportAPI struct {
        	DB ExportDatabase

          The ExportAPI provides handlers.

          func (*ExportAPI) GetExport

          func (api *ExportAPI) GetExport(ctx echo.Context) error

            GetExport does export for the report

            type ExportDatabase

            type ExportDatabase interface {
            	FindReportByID(uint) (*model.Report, error)
            	GetHistogramForReport(uint) (*model.Histogram, error)
            	GetOptionsForReport(uint) (*model.Options, error)
            	ListAllDetailsForReport(uint) ([]*model.Detail, error)

              ExportDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

              type HistogramAPI

              type HistogramAPI struct {
              	DB HistogramDatabase

                The HistogramAPI provides handlers.

                func (*HistogramAPI) GetHistogram

                func (api *HistogramAPI) GetHistogram(ctx echo.Context) error

                  GetHistogram gets a histogram for the report

                  type HistogramDatabase

                  type HistogramDatabase interface {
                  	GetHistogramForReport(uint) (*model.Histogram, error)

                    HistogramDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

                    type InfoAPI

                    type InfoAPI struct {
                    	Info ApplicationInfo

                      The InfoAPI provides handlers for managing projects.

                      func (*InfoAPI) GetApplicationInfo

                      func (api *InfoAPI) GetApplicationInfo(ctx echo.Context) error

                        GetApplicationInfo gets application info

                        type InfoResponse

                        type InfoResponse struct {
                        	// Version of the application
                        	Version string `json:"version"`
                        	// Go runtime version
                        	RuntimeVersion string `json:"runtimeVersion"`
                        	// The build date of the server application
                        	BuildDate string `json:"buildDate"`
                        	// Uptime of the server
                        	Uptime string `json:"uptime"`
                        	// Memory info
                        	MemoryInfo *MemoryInfo `json:"memoryInfo,omitempty"`

                          InfoResponse is the info response

                          type IngestAPI

                          type IngestAPI struct {
                          	DB IngestDatabase

                            The IngestAPI provides handlers for ingesting and processing reports.

                            func (*IngestAPI) Ingest

                            func (api *IngestAPI) Ingest(ctx echo.Context) error

                              Ingest creates data from raw report

                              func (*IngestAPI) IngestToProject

                              func (api *IngestAPI) IngestToProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                IngestToProject ingests data into a specific project

                                type IngestDatabase

                                type IngestDatabase interface {
                                	CreateProject(*model.Project) error
                                	CreateReport(*model.Report) error
                                	CreateHistogram(*model.Histogram) error
                                	CreateOptions(*model.Options) error
                                	FindProjectByID(uint) (*model.Project, error)
                                	FindLatestReportForProject(uint) (*model.Report, error)
                                	CreateDetailsBatch(uint, []*model.Detail) (uint, uint)
                                	UpdateProjectStatus(uint, model.Status) error

                                  IngestDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

                                  type IngestRequest

                                  type IngestRequest runner.Report

                                    IngestRequest is the raw report

                                    type IngestResponse

                                    type IngestResponse struct {
                                    	// Created project
                                    	Project *model.Project `json:"project"`
                                    	// Created report
                                    	Report *model.Report `json:"report"`
                                    	// Created Options
                                    	Options *model.Options `json:"options"`
                                    	// Created Histogram
                                    	Histogram *model.Histogram `json:"histogram"`
                                    	// The summary of created details
                                    	Details *DetailsCreated `json:"details"`

                                      IngestResponse is the response to the ingest endpoint

                                      type JSONExportRespose

                                      type JSONExportRespose struct {
                                      	Options *model.OptionsInfo `json:"options,omitempty"`
                                      	Histogram model.BucketList `json:"histogram"`
                                      	Details []*runner.ResultDetail `json:"details"`

                                        JSONExportRespose is the response to JSON export

                                        type MemoryInfo

                                        type MemoryInfo struct {
                                        	// Bytes of allocated heap objects.
                                        	Alloc uint64 `json:"allocated"`
                                        	// Cumulative bytes allocated for heap objects.
                                        	TotalAlloc uint64 `json:"totalAllocated"`
                                        	// The total bytes of memory obtained from the OS.
                                        	System uint64 `json:"system"`
                                        	// The number of pointer lookups performed by the runtime.
                                        	Lookups uint64 `json:"lookups"`
                                        	// The cumulative count of heap objects allocated.
                                        	// The number of live objects is Mallocs - Frees.
                                        	Mallocs uint64 `json:"mallocs"`
                                        	// The cumulative count of heap objects freed.
                                        	Frees uint64 `json:"frees"`
                                        	// The number of completed GC cycles.
                                        	NumGC uint32 `json:"numGC"`

                                          MemoryInfo some memory stats

                                          type OptionsAPI

                                          type OptionsAPI struct {
                                          	DB OptionsDatabase

                                            The OptionsAPI provides handlers

                                            func (*OptionsAPI) GetOptions

                                            func (api *OptionsAPI) GetOptions(ctx echo.Context) error

                                              GetOptions gets options for a report

                                              type OptionsDatabase

                                              type OptionsDatabase interface {
                                              	GetOptionsForReport(uint) (*model.Options, error)

                                                OptionsDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

                                                type ProjectAPI

                                                type ProjectAPI struct {
                                                	DB ProjectDatabase

                                                  The ProjectAPI provides handlers for managing projects.

                                                  func (*ProjectAPI) CreateProject

                                                  func (api *ProjectAPI) CreateProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                    CreateProject creates a project

                                                    func (*ProjectAPI) DeleteProject

                                                    func (api *ProjectAPI) DeleteProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                      DeleteProject deletes a project

                                                      func (*ProjectAPI) GetProject

                                                      func (api *ProjectAPI) GetProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                        GetProject gets a project

                                                        func (*ProjectAPI) ListProjects

                                                        func (api *ProjectAPI) ListProjects(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                          ListProjects lists projects

                                                          func (*ProjectAPI) UpdateProject

                                                          func (api *ProjectAPI) UpdateProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                            UpdateProject updates a project

                                                            type ProjectDatabase

                                                            type ProjectDatabase interface {
                                                            	CreateProject(project *model.Project) error
                                                            	FindProjectByID(id uint) (*model.Project, error)
                                                            	UpdateProject(*model.Project) error
                                                            	DeleteProject(*model.Project) error
                                                            	CountProjects() (uint, error)
                                                            	ListProjects(limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Project, error)

                                                              ProjectDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

                                                              type ProjectList

                                                              type ProjectList struct {
                                                              	Total uint             `json:"total"`
                                                              	Data  []*model.Project `json:"data"`

                                                                ProjectList response

                                                                type ReportAPI

                                                                type ReportAPI struct {
                                                                	DB ReportDatabase

                                                                  The ReportAPI provides handlers for managing reports.

                                                                  func (*ReportAPI) DeleteReport

                                                                  func (api *ReportAPI) DeleteReport(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                    DeleteReport deletes a report

                                                                    func (*ReportAPI) DeleteReportBulk

                                                                    func (api *ReportAPI) DeleteReportBulk(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                      DeleteReportBulk deletes bulk reports

                                                                      func (*ReportAPI) GetPreviousReport

                                                                      func (api *ReportAPI) GetPreviousReport(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                        GetPreviousReport gets a previous report

                                                                        func (*ReportAPI) GetReport

                                                                        func (api *ReportAPI) GetReport(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                          GetReport gets a report

                                                                          func (*ReportAPI) ListReportsAll

                                                                          func (api *ReportAPI) ListReportsAll(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                            ListReportsAll gets a list of all reports

                                                                            func (*ReportAPI) ListReportsForProject

                                                                            func (api *ReportAPI) ListReportsForProject(ctx echo.Context) error

                                                                              ListReportsForProject lists reports for a project

                                                                              type ReportDatabase

                                                                              type ReportDatabase interface {
                                                                              	CountReports() (uint, error)
                                                                              	CountReportsForProject(uint) (uint, error)
                                                                              	FindReportByID(uint) (*model.Report, error)
                                                                              	FindPreviousReport(uint) (*model.Report, error)
                                                                              	DeleteReport(*model.Report) error
                                                                              	DeleteReportBulk([]uint) (int, error)
                                                                              	ListReports(limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Report, error)
                                                                              	ListReportsForProject(pid, limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Report, error)

                                                                                ReportDatabase interface for encapsulating database access.

                                                                                type ReportList

                                                                                type ReportList struct {
                                                                                	Total uint            `json:"total"`
                                                                                	Data  []*model.Report `json:"data"`

                                                                                  ReportList response