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type Database

type Database struct {
	DB *gorm.DB

    Database is a wrapper for the gorm framework.

    func New

    func New(dialect, connection string, log bool) (*Database, error)

      New creates a new wrapper for the gorm database framework.

      func (*Database) Close

      func (d *Database) Close() error

        Close closes the gorm database connection.

        func (*Database) CountProjects

        func (d *Database) CountProjects() (uint, error)

          CountProjects returns the number of projects

          func (*Database) CountReports

          func (d *Database) CountReports() (uint, error)

            CountReports returns the number of reports

            func (*Database) CountReportsForProject

            func (d *Database) CountReportsForProject(pid uint) (uint, error)

              CountReportsForProject returns the number of reports

              func (*Database) CreateDetailsBatch

              func (d *Database) CreateDetailsBatch(rid uint, s []*model.Detail) (uint, uint)

                CreateDetailsBatch creates a batch of details Returns the number successfully created, and the number failed

                func (*Database) CreateHistogram

                func (d *Database) CreateHistogram(h *model.Histogram) error

                  CreateHistogram creates a new report

                  func (*Database) CreateOptions

                  func (d *Database) CreateOptions(o *model.Options) error

                    CreateOptions creates a new report

                    func (*Database) CreateProject

                    func (d *Database) CreateProject(p *model.Project) error

                      CreateProject creates a new project

                      func (*Database) CreateReport

                      func (d *Database) CreateReport(r *model.Report) error

                        CreateReport creates a new report

                        func (*Database) DeleteProject

                        func (d *Database) DeleteProject(p *model.Project) error

                          DeleteProject deletas an existing project

                          func (*Database) DeleteReport

                          func (d *Database) DeleteReport(r *model.Report) error

                            DeleteReport deletes an existing report

                            func (*Database) DeleteReportBulk

                            func (d *Database) DeleteReportBulk(ids []uint) (int, error)

                              DeleteReportBulk performans a bulk of deletes

                              func (*Database) FindLatestReportForProject

                              func (d *Database) FindLatestReportForProject(pid uint) (*model.Report, error)

                                FindLatestReportForProject returns the latest / most recent report for project

                                func (*Database) FindPreviousReport

                                func (d *Database) FindPreviousReport(rid uint) (*model.Report, error)

                                  FindPreviousReport find previous report for the report id

                                  func (*Database) FindProjectByID

                                  func (d *Database) FindProjectByID(id uint) (*model.Project, error)

                                    FindProjectByID gets the project by id

                                    func (*Database) FindReportByID

                                    func (d *Database) FindReportByID(id uint) (*model.Report, error)

                                      FindReportByID gets the report by id

                                      func (*Database) GetHistogramForReport

                                      func (d *Database) GetHistogramForReport(rid uint) (*model.Histogram, error)

                                        GetHistogramForReport creates a new report

                                        func (*Database) GetOptionsForReport

                                        func (d *Database) GetOptionsForReport(rid uint) (*model.Options, error)

                                          GetOptionsForReport creates a new report

                                          func (*Database) ListAllDetailsForReport

                                          func (d *Database) ListAllDetailsForReport(rid uint) ([]*model.Detail, error)

                                            ListAllDetailsForReport lists all details for report

                                            func (*Database) ListProjects

                                            func (d *Database) ListProjects(limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Project, error)

                                              ListProjects lists projects using sorting

                                              func (*Database) ListReports

                                              func (d *Database) ListReports(limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Report, error)

                                                ListReports lists reports using sorting

                                                func (*Database) ListReportsForProject

                                                func (d *Database) ListReportsForProject(pid, limit, page uint, sortField, order string) ([]*model.Report, error)

                                                  ListReportsForProject lists reports using sorting

                                                  func (*Database) UpdateProject

                                                  func (d *Database) UpdateProject(p *model.Project) error

                                                    UpdateProject update a project

                                                    func (*Database) UpdateProjectStatus

                                                    func (d *Database) UpdateProjectStatus(pid uint, status model.Status) error

                                                      UpdateProjectStatus updates the project's status