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var SkipNode = errors.New("skip this node")

SkipNode should be returned from a `WalkFunc` when the caller wants to stop recursing. It is not returned by `Walk`.


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type NodeDef

type NodeDef struct {
	ID          string
	Parent      string
	Class       string
	BrowseName  string
	Description string
	AccessLevel uint32
	Path        string
	DataType    string
	Writable    bool

NodeDef represents a node in the OPC-UA tree

type NodeWalker

type NodeWalker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeWalker walks the OPC-UA nodes

func NewNodeWalker

func NewNodeWalker(client *opcua.Client, maxDepth uint) *NodeWalker

func (*NodeWalker) Walk

func (w *NodeWalker) Walk(root *ua.NodeID, fn WalkFunc) error

Walk walks the OPC-UA tree starting at root. fn is called for each node

type WalkFunc

type WalkFunc func(node *NodeDef, err error) error

WalkFunc is called for every node visited by Walk

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