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func Flatten added in v0.3.1

func Flatten(config *config.Config, id string, size int64, tw io.Reader, logger *logger.Logger) (string, error)

Flatten copies a tarred up series of files (passed in through the io.Reader handle) to the image where they are untarred. Returns the filename of the image created.


type Layer added in v0.3.1

type Layer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Layer is the metadata surrounding an image layer.

func Unpack added in v0.3.1

func Unpack(file string) ([]*Layer, string, error)

Unpack unpacks an image into the temporary filesystem. Returns a list of paths for each layer. Information about the image itself is not written to disk; the tarballs are just dumped.

First return value is the order of the layers. Then, the directory of the files kept so it can be removed later. The dir will always be returned if possible; even when a later operation returns an error.

func (*Layer) LayerID added in v0.3.1

func (l *Layer) LayerID() string

LayerID returns the layer ID associated with this layer.

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