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var (

	//ErrDiskSpace raised if disk space not enough
	ErrDiskSpace = errors.New("not enough disk space")


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type Server

type Server struct {
	Title          string `opts:"help=Title of this instance,env=TITLE"`
	Port           int    `opts:"help=Depreciated. use --listen. Listening port(),env=PORT"`
	Host           string `opts:"help=Depreciated. use --listen. Listening interface,env=HOST"`
	Listen         string `opts:"help=Listening Address:Port or unix socket (default all),env=LISTEN"`
	UnixPerm       string `opts:"help=DomainSocket file permission (default 0666),env=UNIXPERM"`
	Auth           string `opts:"help=Optional basic auth in form 'user:password',env=AUTH"`
	ProxyURL       string `opts:"help=Proxy url,env=PROXY_URL"`
	ConfigPath     string `opts:"help=Configuration file path (default ./cloud-torrent.yaml),short=c,env=CONFIGPATH"`
	KeyPath        string `opts:"help=TLS Key file path"`
	CertPath       string `opts:"help=TLS Certicate file path,short=r"`
	RestAPI        string `opts:"help=Listen on a trusted port accepts /api/ requests (eg. localhost:3001),env=RESTAPI"`
	ReqLog         bool   `opts:"help=Enable request logging,env=REQLOG"`
	Open           bool   `opts:"help=Open now with your default browser"`
	DisableLogTime bool   `opts:"help=Don't print timestamp in log,env=DISABLELOGTIME"`
	DisableMmap    bool   `opts:"help=Don't use mmap,env=DISABLEMMAP"`
	Debug          bool   `opts:"help=Debug app,env=DEBUG"`
	DebugTorrent   bool   `opts:"help=Debug torrent engine,env=DEBUGTORRENT"`
	ConvYAML       bool   `opts:"help=Convert old json config to yaml format."`
	IntevalSec     int    `opts:"help=Inteval seconds to push data to clients (default 3),env=INTEVALSEC"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is the "State" portion of the diagram

func (*Server) GetBoolAttribute

func (s *Server) GetBoolAttribute(name string) bool

func (*Server) GetStrAttribute

func (s *Server) GetStrAttribute(name string) string

func (*Server) Run

func (s *Server) Run(tpl *TPLInfo) error

Run the server

type TPLInfo

type TPLInfo struct {
	Uptime                int64
	Title                 string
	Version               string
	Runtime               string
	AllowRuntimeConfigure bool

func (TPLInfo) GetInfo

func (t TPLInfo) GetInfo() string

func (TPLInfo) GetTemplate

func (TPLInfo) GetTemplate(n string) (template.HTML, error)


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