Package exponentialbackoff contains logic for implementing exponential backoff for GoRoutineMap and NestedPendingOperations.



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func IsExponentialBackoff

func IsExponentialBackoff(err error) bool

IsExponentialBackoff returns true if an error returned from GoroutineMap indicates that a new operation can not be started because exponentialBackOffOnError is enabled and a previous operation with the same operation failed within the durationBeforeRetry period.

func NewExponentialBackoffError

func NewExponentialBackoffError(
	operationName string, expBackoff ExponentialBackoff) error

NewExponentialBackoffError returns a new instance of ExponentialBackoff error.


type ExponentialBackoff

type ExponentialBackoff struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ExponentialBackoff contains the last occurrence of an error and the duration that retries are not permitted.

func (*ExponentialBackoff) GenerateNoRetriesPermittedMsg

func (expBackoff *ExponentialBackoff) GenerateNoRetriesPermittedMsg(operationName string) string

func (*ExponentialBackoff) SafeToRetry

func (expBackoff *ExponentialBackoff) SafeToRetry(operationName string) error

SafeToRetry returns an error if the durationBeforeRetry period for the given lastErrorTime has not yet expired. Otherwise it returns nil.

func (*ExponentialBackoff) Update

func (expBackoff *ExponentialBackoff) Update(err *error)