Package version supplies the type for version information collected at build time.



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func CompareKubeAwareVersionStrings

func CompareKubeAwareVersionStrings(v1, v2 string) int

CompareKubeAwareVersionStrings compares two kube-like version strings. Kube-like version strings are starting with a v, followed by a major version, optional "alpha" or "beta" strings followed by a minor version (e.g. v1, v2beta1). Versions will be sorted based on GA/alpha/beta first and then major and minor versions. e.g. v2, v1, v1beta2, v1beta1, v1alpha1.


type Info

type Info struct {
	Major        string `json:"major"`
	Minor        string `json:"minor"`
	GitVersion   string `json:"gitVersion"`
	GitCommit    string `json:"gitCommit"`
	GitTreeState string `json:"gitTreeState"`
	BuildDate    string `json:"buildDate"`
	GoVersion    string `json:"goVersion"`
	Compiler     string `json:"compiler"`
	Platform     string `json:"platform"`

Info contains versioning information. TODO: Add []string of api versions supported? It's still unclear how we'll want to distribute that information.

func (Info) String

func (info Info) String() string

String returns info as a human-friendly version string.