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func RequestCertificate

func RequestCertificate(client certificatesclient.CertificateSigningRequestInterface, csrData []byte, name string, usages []certificates.KeyUsage, privateKey interface{}) (req *certificates.CertificateSigningRequest, err error)

RequestCertificate will either use an existing (if this process has run before but not to completion) or create a certificate signing request using the PEM encoded CSR and send it to API server, then it will watch the object's status, once approved by API server, it will return the API server's issued certificate (pem-encoded). If there is any errors, or the watch timeouts, it will return an error.

func WaitForCertificate

func WaitForCertificate(client certificatesclient.CertificateSigningRequestInterface, req *certificates.CertificateSigningRequest, timeout time.Duration) (certData []byte, err error)

WaitForCertificate waits for a certificate to be issued until timeout, or returns an error.


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