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func ConfigureVPN added in v0.6.24

func ConfigureVPN(store ServiceMeshStore) error

func ResetVPN added in v0.6.29

func ResetVPN(store ServiceMeshStore) error

func UseDarwinDNS added in v0.6.22

func UseDarwinDNS(tailscaleDNSIP string, searchDomains []string, notUseBackupDNS bool) (func() error, error)


type NetworkSetup added in v0.6.24

type NetworkSetup struct{}

func NewNetworkSetup added in v0.6.24

func NewNetworkSetup() *NetworkSetup

func (NetworkSetup) GetDNSServers added in v0.6.24

func (NetworkSetup) GetDNSServers() ([]string, error)

func (NetworkSetup) GetSearchDomains added in v0.6.24

func (NetworkSetup) GetSearchDomains() ([]string, error)

func (NetworkSetup) SetDNSServers added in v0.6.24

func (NetworkSetup) SetDNSServers(dnsServers []string) error

func (NetworkSetup) SetSearchDomains added in v0.6.24

func (NetworkSetup) SetSearchDomains(searchDomains []string) error

type ServiceMeshStore added in v0.6.22

type ServiceMeshStore interface {
	GetNetworkAuthKey() (*store.GetAuthKeyResponse, error)
	GetCurrentWorkspaceID() (string, error)
	GetWorkspace(workspaceID string) (*entity.Workspace, error)
	GetNetwork(networkID string) (*store.GetNetworkResponse, error)
	GetActiveOrganizationOrNil() (*entity.Organization, error)

type Tailscale

type Tailscale struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTailscale

func NewTailscale(store VPNStore) *Tailscale

func (Tailscale) Reset added in v0.6.29

func (t Tailscale) Reset() error

func (Tailscale) Start

func (t Tailscale) Start() error

func (*Tailscale) WithConfigurerOptions added in v0.6.24

func (t *Tailscale) WithConfigurerOptions(hostname string, loginServerURL string) *TailscaleConfigurer

func (*Tailscale) WithSockProxyPort

func (t *Tailscale) WithSockProxyPort(sockProxyPort int) *Tailscale

func (*Tailscale) WithUserspaceNetworking

func (t *Tailscale) WithUserspaceNetworking(shouldUseUserspaceNetworking bool) *Tailscale

type TailscaleConfigurer added in v0.6.24

type TailscaleConfigurer struct {
	HostName          string
	LoginServerURL    string
	ShouldForceReauth bool

	LeaveDirtyDNS bool
	SearchDomains []string

func (TailscaleConfigurer) ApplyConfig added in v0.6.24

func (t TailscaleConfigurer) ApplyConfig() error

func (TailscaleConfigurer) ConfigureDNS added in v0.6.24

func (t TailscaleConfigurer) ConfigureDNS() error

func (*TailscaleConfigurer) WithAuthKey added in v0.6.24

func (t *TailscaleConfigurer) WithAuthKey(authKey string) *TailscaleConfigurerAuthKey

func (*TailscaleConfigurer) WithForceReauth added in v0.6.24

func (t *TailscaleConfigurer) WithForceReauth(shouldForceReauth bool) *TailscaleConfigurer

func (*TailscaleConfigurer) WithSearchDomains added in v0.6.24

func (t *TailscaleConfigurer) WithSearchDomains(searchDomains []string) *TailscaleConfigurer

type TailscaleConfigurerAuthKey added in v0.6.24

type TailscaleConfigurerAuthKey struct {
	AuthKey string

func (TailscaleConfigurerAuthKey) ApplyConfig added in v0.6.24

func (t TailscaleConfigurerAuthKey) ApplyConfig() error

type VPN

type VPN interface {
	Start() error
	Reset() error

type VPNConfigurer added in v0.6.24

type VPNConfigurer interface {
	ApplyConfig() error

type VPNDaemon added in v0.6.22

type VPNDaemon struct {
	Store ServiceMeshStore

func NewVPNDaemon added in v0.6.24

func NewVPNDaemon(store ServiceMeshStore) VPNDaemon

func (VPNDaemon) Configure added in v0.6.24

func (vpnd VPNDaemon) Configure() error

func (VPNDaemon) GetTaskSpec added in v0.6.22

func (vpnd VPNDaemon) GetTaskSpec() tasks.TaskSpec

func (VPNDaemon) Run added in v0.6.22

func (vpnd VPNDaemon) Run() error

type VPNStore

type VPNStore interface {
	RegisterNode(publicKey string) error
	GetOrCreateFile(path string) (afero.File, error)
	UserHomeDir() (string, error)

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