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Published: Jun 11, 2019 | Licenses: Apache-2.0 , Apache-2.0 | Module:


type Storage

type Storage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Storage 存储

func NewStorage

func NewStorage(logger *zap.Logger) *Storage

NewStorage 新建存储

func (*Storage) AgentInfoStore

func (s *Storage) AgentInfoStore(appName, agentID string, startTime int64, agentInfo []byte) error

AgentInfoStore ...

func (*Storage) AgentStore

func (s *Storage) AgentStore(agentInfo *network.AgentInfo, islive bool) error

AgentStore agent信息存储

func (*Storage) AppMethodStore

func (s *Storage) AppMethodStore(appName string, apiInfo *trace.TApiMetaData) error

AppMethodStore ...

func (*Storage) AppNameStore

func (s *Storage) AppNameStore(name string) error

AppNameStore 存储Appname

func (*Storage) AppSQLStore

func (s *Storage) AppSQLStore(appName string, sqlInfo *trace.TSqlMetaData) error

AppSQLStore sql语句存储,sql语句需要base64转码,防止sql注入

func (*Storage) AppStringStore

func (s *Storage) AppStringStore(appName string, strInfo *trace.TStringMetaData) error

AppStringStore ...

func (*Storage) Close

func (s *Storage) Close() error

Close ...

func (*Storage) GetStaticCql

func (s *Storage) GetStaticCql() *gocql.Session

GetCql 获取cql

func (*Storage) GetTraceCql

func (s *Storage) GetTraceCql() *gocql.Session

GetCql 获取cql

func (*Storage) InsertAPIMapStats

func (s *Storage) InsertAPIMapStats(appName string, appType int32, inputTime int64, apiStr string, parentname string, parentInfo *stats.Parent) error

InsertAPIMapStats Api被调用统计信息

func (*Storage) InsertAPIStats

func (s *Storage) InsertAPIStats(appName string, inputDate int64, urlStr string, url *stats.Url) error

InsertAPIStats ...

func (*Storage) InsertDubboStats

func (s *Storage) InsertDubboStats(appName string, inputDate int64, dubboApi string, dubbo *stats.Dubbo) error

InsertDubboStats ...

func (*Storage) InsertExceptionStats

func (s *Storage) InsertExceptionStats(appName string, inputTime int64, methodID int32, exceptions map[int32]*stats.Exception) error

InsertExceptionStats ...

func (*Storage) InsertMethodStats

func (s *Storage) InsertMethodStats(appName string, inputTime int64, apiStr string, methodID int32, methodInfo *stats.Method) error

InsertMethodStats 接口计算数据存储

func (*Storage) InsertSQLStats

func (s *Storage) InsertSQLStats(appName string, inputTime int64, sqlID int32, sqlInfo *stats.SQL) error

InsertSQLStats ...

func (*Storage) InsertTargetMap

func (s *Storage) InsertTargetMap(appName string,
	appType int32, inputDate int64,
	targetType int32, targetName string,
	target *stats.Target) error

InsertTargetMap ...

func (*Storage) InsertUnknowParentMap

func (s *Storage) InsertUnknowParentMap(targetName string, targetType int32, inputDate int64, unknowParent *stats.UnknowParent) error

InsertUnknowParentMap ...

func (*Storage) SpanChunkStore

func (s *Storage) SpanChunkStore(span *trace.TSpanChunk)

SpanChunkStore spanChunk存储

func (*Storage) SpanStore

func (s *Storage) SpanStore(span *trace.TSpan)

SpanStore span存储

func (*Storage) Start

func (s *Storage) Start() error

Start ...

func (*Storage) StoreAPI

func (s *Storage) StoreAPI(span *trace.TSpan) error

StoreAPI 存储API信息

func (*Storage) UpdateAgentState

func (s *Storage) UpdateAgentState(appname string, agentid string, islive bool) error

UpdateAgentState agent在线状态更新

func (*Storage) WriteAgentStat

func (s *Storage) WriteAgentStat(appName, agentID string, agentStat *pinpoint.TAgentStat, infoB []byte) error

WriteAgentStat ...

func (*Storage) WriteAgentStatBatch

func (s *Storage) WriteAgentStatBatch(appName, agentID string, agentStatBatch *pinpoint.TAgentStatBatch, infoB []byte) error

WriteAgentStatBatch ....

func (*Storage) WriteSpan

func (s *Storage) WriteSpan(span *trace.TSpan) error

WriteSpan ...

func (*Storage) WriteSpan2

func (s *Storage) WriteSpan2(spans []*trace.TSpan) error

WriteSpan2 ...

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