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package ffldb

v0.20.1 (875b51c)
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Package ffldb implements a driver for the database package that uses leveldb for the backing metadata and flat files for block storage.

This driver is the recommended driver for use with btcd. It makes use leveldb for the metadata, flat files for block storage, and checksums in key areas to ensure data integrity.


This package is a driver to the database package and provides the database type of "ffldb". The parameters the Open and Create functions take are the database path as a string and the block network:

db, err := database.Open("ffldb", "path/to/database", wire.MainNet)
if err != nil {
	// Handle error

db, err := database.Create("ffldb", "path/to/database", wire.MainNet)
if err != nil {
	// Handle error


Package Files

type TreapForEacher

type TreapForEacher interface {
	ForEach(func(k, v []byte) bool)

TreapForEacher is an interface which allows iteration of a treap in ascending order using a user-supplied callback for each key/value pair. It mainly exists so both mutable and immutable treaps can be atomically committed to the database with the same function.

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