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type CloneToBucketOptions

type CloneToBucketOptions struct {
	Mapper            storage.Mapper
	Name              Name
	RecurseSubmodules bool

CloneToBucketOptions are options for Clone.

type Cloner

type Cloner interface {
	// CloneToBucket clones the repository to the bucket.
	// The url must contain the scheme, including file:// if necessary.
	// depth must be > 0.
		ctx context.Context,
		envContainer app.EnvContainer,
		url string,
		depth uint32,
		writeBucket storage.WriteBucket,
		options CloneToBucketOptions,
	) error

Cloner clones git repositories to buckets.

func NewCloner

func NewCloner(logger *zap.Logger, options ClonerOptions) Cloner

NewCloner returns a new Cloner.

type ClonerOptions

type ClonerOptions struct {
	HTTPSUsernameEnvKey      string
	HTTPSPasswordEnvKey      string
	SSHKeyFileEnvKey         string
	SSHKnownHostsFilesEnvKey string

ClonerOptions are options for a new Cloner.

type Name

type Name interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Name is a name identifiable by git.

func NewBranchName

func NewBranchName(branch string) Name

NewBranchName returns a new Name for the branch.

func NewRefName

func NewRefName(ref string) Name

NewRefName returns a new Name for the ref.

func NewRefNameWithBranch

func NewRefNameWithBranch(ref string, branch string) Name

NewRefNameWithBranch returns a new Name for the ref while setting branch as the clone target.

func NewTagName

func NewTagName(tag string) Name

NewTagName returns a new Name for the tag.

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