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Published: Jul 24, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package ioutilextended provides io utilities.



var (
	// DiscardReader is an io.Reader in which all calls return 0 and io.EOF.
	DiscardReader io.Reader = discardReader{}
	// DiscardReadCloser is an io.ReadCloser in which all calls return 0 and io.EOF.
	DiscardReadCloser io.ReadCloser = ioutil.NopCloser(DiscardReader)
	// DiscardWriteCloser is a discard io.WriteCloser
	DiscardWriteCloser io.WriteCloser = NopWriteCloser(ioutil.Discard)

func ChainCloser

func ChainCloser(closers io.Closer

ChainCloser chains the closers by calling them in order.

func CompositeReadCloser

func CompositeReadCloser(reader io.Reader, closer io.Closer) io.ReadCloser

CompositeReadCloser returns a io.ReadCloser that is a composite of the Reader and Closer.

func CompositeWriteCloser

func CompositeWriteCloser(writer io.Writer, closer io.Closer) io.WriteCloser

CompositeWriteCloser returns a io.WriteCloser that is a composite of the Writer and Closer.

func LockedWriter

func LockedWriter(writer io.Writer) io.Writer

LockedWriter creates a locked Writer.

func NopWriteCloser

func NopWriteCloser(writer io.Writer) io.WriteCloser

NopWriteCloser returns an io.WriteCloser with a no-op Close method wrapping the provided io.Writer.

func ReaderAtForReader

func ReaderAtForReader(reader io.Reader) (io.ReaderAt, error)

ReaderAtForReader converts an io.Reader to an io.ReaderAt.

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