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func ValidateCodeGeneratorRequest

func ValidateCodeGeneratorRequest(request *pluginpb.CodeGeneratorRequest) error

ValidateCodeGeneratorRequest validates the CodeGeneratorRequest.

func ValidateCodeGeneratorRequestExceptFileDescriptorProtos

func ValidateCodeGeneratorRequestExceptFileDescriptorProtos(request *pluginpb.CodeGeneratorRequest) error

ValidateCodeGeneratorRequestExceptFileDescriptorProtos validates the CodeGeneratorRequest minus the FileDescriptorProtos.

func ValidateCodeGeneratorResponse

func ValidateCodeGeneratorResponse(response *pluginpb.CodeGeneratorResponse) error

ValidateCodeGeneratorResponse validates the CodeGeneratorResponse.

This validates that names are set.

It is actually OK per the plugin.proto specs to not have the name set, and if this is empty, the content should be combined with the previous file. However, for our handlers, we do not support this, and for our binary handlers, we combine CodeGeneratorResponse.File contents.

func ValidateFileDescriptorProto

func ValidateFileDescriptorProto(fileDescriptorProto *descriptorpb.FileDescriptorProto) error

ValidateFileDescriptorProto validates the FileDescriptorProto.

func ValidateFileDescriptorProtos

func ValidateFileDescriptorProtos(fileDescriptorProtos []*descriptorpb.FileDescriptorProto) error

ValidateFileDescriptorProtos validates the FileDescriptorProtos.

func ValidateProtoPath

func ValidateProtoPath(name string, path string) error

ValidateProtoPath validates the proto path.

func ValidateProtoPaths

func ValidateProtoPaths(name string, paths []string) error

ValidateProtoPaths validates the proto paths.

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