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This package implements low-level fatures, such as:

  • Node-ID Arithmetic as described in Chord
  • A circular sorted associative Map called Circle.
  • A holistic member ring that is capable to emulate the "finger table".




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func NodeNonNil

func NodeNonNil(n *avl.Node) *avl.Node

func Strnode

func Strnode(n *avl.Node) string


type Circle

type Circle struct {
	Tree *avl.Tree

func (*Circle) Init

func (c *Circle) Init()

func (*Circle) Next

func (c *Circle) Next(key interface{}) (node *avl.Node)

func (*Circle) NextOrEqual

func (c *Circle) NextOrEqual(key interface{}) (node *avl.Node)

func (*Circle) Prev

func (c *Circle) Prev(key interface{}) (node *avl.Node)

func (*Circle) PrevOrEqual

func (c *Circle) PrevOrEqual(key interface{}) (node *avl.Node)

func (*Circle) Step

func (c *Circle) Step(node *avl.Node) (next *avl.Node)

func (*Circle) StepReverse

func (c *Circle) StepReverse(node *avl.Node) (prev *avl.Node)

type NodeID

type NodeID []byte

func (NodeID) Bits

func (n NodeID) Bits() int



func (NodeID) Clone

func (n NodeID) Clone() NodeID

Generates a Copy.

func (NodeID) Decrement

func (n NodeID) Decrement()


n = (n - 1) mod 1<<n.Bits()

func (NodeID) FingerBase

func (n NodeID) FingerBase(k uint)


n = (n + (1<<k)) mod 1<<n.Bits()

func (NodeID) Increment

func (n NodeID) Increment()


n = (n + 1) mod 1<<n.Bits()

func (*NodeID) Set

func (n *NodeID) Set(other NodeID)

Assigns the Value of the NodeID 'other' to 'n', adjusting the buffer size, if necessary.

Internally, it does:

*n = append((*n)[:0],other...)

type NodeManager

type NodeManager struct {
	Finger, Nodes Circle
	Self          string

A Node manager, offering a holistic member-list and -ring implementation.

This implementation requires the whole list of cluster-members, whereas Chord only requires a Finger-Table.

func (*NodeManager) Init

func (n *NodeManager) Init()

func (*NodeManager) Insert

func (n *NodeManager) Insert(id NodeID, attachment interface{})

func (*NodeManager) LookupFinger

func (n *NodeManager) LookupFinger(id NodeID) *avl.Node

func (*NodeManager) LookupPrecise

func (n *NodeManager) LookupPrecise(id NodeID) *avl.Node

func (*NodeManager) Predecessor

func (n *NodeManager) Predecessor() *avl.Node

func (*NodeManager) Remove

func (n *NodeManager) Remove(id NodeID)

func (*NodeManager) Replace

func (n *NodeManager) Replace(id NodeID, new_attachment interface{})

func (*NodeManager) SetSelf

func (n *NodeManager) SetSelf(id NodeID)

func (*NodeManager) Successor

func (n *NodeManager) Successor() *avl.Node

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