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const (
	MsgNewTx = iota

msg type


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var (
	// ErrBadBlock is returned when a block is invalid.
	ErrBadBlock = errors.New("invalid block")
	// ErrBadStateRoot is returned when the computed assets merkle root
	// disagrees with the one declared in a block header.
	ErrBadStateRoot = errors.New("invalid state merkle root")
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var (

	// ErrTransactionNotExist is the pre-defined error message
	ErrTransactionNotExist = errors.New("transaction are not existed in the mempool")
	// ErrPoolIsFull indicates the pool is full
	ErrPoolIsFull = errors.New("transaction pool reach the max number")
	// ErrDustTx indicates transaction is dust tx
	ErrDustTx = errors.New("transaction is dust tx")
	// ErrBannedInputScript tx inputs have banned input script
	ErrBannedInputScript = errors.New("input script have been banned")
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var ErrBadTx = errors.New("invalid transaction")

ErrBadTx is returned for transactions failing validation


This section is empty.


type BlockStoreState

type BlockStoreState struct {
	Height uint64
	Hash   *bc.Hash

BlockStoreState represents the core's db status

type Chain

type Chain struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Chain provides functions for working with the Bytom block chain.

func NewChain

func NewChain(store Store, txPool *TxPool) (*Chain, error)

NewChain returns a new Chain using store as the underlying storage.

func NewChainWithOrphanManage

func NewChainWithOrphanManage(store Store, txPool *TxPool, manage *OrphanManage) (*Chain, error)

func (*Chain) BestBlockHash

func (c *Chain) BestBlockHash() *bc.Hash

BestBlockHash return the hash of the chain tail block

func (*Chain) BestBlockHeader

func (c *Chain) BestBlockHeader() *types.BlockHeader

BestBlockHeader returns the chain tail block

func (*Chain) BestBlockHeight

func (c *Chain) BestBlockHeight() uint64

BestBlockHeight returns the current height of the blockchain.

func (*Chain) BlockExist

func (c *Chain) BlockExist(hash *bc.Hash) bool

BlockExist check is a block in chain or orphan

func (*Chain) BlockWaiter

func (c *Chain) BlockWaiter(height uint64) <-chan struct{}

BlockWaiter returns a channel that waits for the block at the given height.

func (*Chain) CalcNextBits

func (c *Chain) CalcNextBits(preBlock *bc.Hash) (uint64, error)

CalcNextBits return the seed for the given block

func (*Chain) CalcNextSeed

func (c *Chain) CalcNextSeed(preBlock *bc.Hash) (*bc.Hash, error)

CalcNextSeed return the seed for the given block

func (*Chain) GetBlockByHash

func (c *Chain) GetBlockByHash(hash *bc.Hash) (*types.Block, error)

GetBlockByHash return a block by given hash

func (*Chain) GetBlockByHeight

func (c *Chain) GetBlockByHeight(height uint64) (*types.Block, error)

GetBlockByHeight return a block header by given height

func (*Chain) GetBlockIndex

func (c *Chain) GetBlockIndex() *state.BlockIndex

func (*Chain) GetHeaderByHash

func (c *Chain) GetHeaderByHash(hash *bc.Hash) (*types.BlockHeader, error)

GetHeaderByHash return a block header by given hash

func (*Chain) GetHeaderByHeight

func (c *Chain) GetHeaderByHeight(height uint64) (*types.BlockHeader, error)

GetHeaderByHeight return a block header by given height

func (*Chain) GetTransactionStatus

func (c *Chain) GetTransactionStatus(hash *bc.Hash) (*bc.TransactionStatus, error)

GetTransactionStatus return the transaction status of give block

func (*Chain) GetTransactionsUtxo

func (c *Chain) GetTransactionsUtxo(view *state.UtxoViewpoint, txs []*bc.Tx) error

GetTransactionsUtxo return all the utxos that related to the txs' inputs

func (*Chain) GetTxPool

func (c *Chain) GetTxPool() *TxPool

GetTxPool return chain txpool.

func (*Chain) InMainChain

func (c *Chain) InMainChain(hash bc.Hash) bool

InMainChain checks wheather a block is in the main chain

func (*Chain) ProcessBlock

func (c *Chain) ProcessBlock(block *types.Block) (bool, error)

ProcessBlock is the entry for chain update

func (*Chain) ValidateTx

func (c *Chain) ValidateTx(tx *types.Tx) (bool, error)

ValidateTx validates the given transaction. A cache holds per-transaction validation results and is consulted before performing full validation.

type OrphanBlock

type OrphanBlock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOrphanBlock

func NewOrphanBlock(block *types.Block, expiration time.Time) *OrphanBlock

func (*OrphanBlock) Equals

func (o *OrphanBlock) Equals(o1 *OrphanBlock) bool

type OrphanManage

type OrphanManage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OrphanManage is use to handle all the orphan block

func NewOrphanManage

func NewOrphanManage() *OrphanManage

NewOrphanManage return a new orphan block

func NewOrphanManageWithData

func NewOrphanManageWithData(orphan map[bc.Hash]*OrphanBlock, prevOrphans map[bc.Hash][]*bc.Hash) *OrphanManage

NewOrphanManageWithData return a new orphan manage with specify data

func (*OrphanManage) Add

func (o *OrphanManage) Add(block *types.Block)

Add will add the block to OrphanManage

func (*OrphanManage) BlockExist

func (o *OrphanManage) BlockExist(hash *bc.Hash) bool

BlockExist check is the block in OrphanManage

func (*OrphanManage) Delete

func (o *OrphanManage) Delete(hash *bc.Hash)

Delete will delete the block from OrphanManage

func (*OrphanManage) Equals

func (o *OrphanManage) Equals(o1 *OrphanManage) bool

func (*OrphanManage) Get

func (o *OrphanManage) Get(hash *bc.Hash) (*types.Block, bool)

Get return the orphan block by hash

func (*OrphanManage) GetPrevOrphans

func (o *OrphanManage) GetPrevOrphans(hash *bc.Hash) ([]*bc.Hash, bool)

GetPrevOrphans return the list of child orphans

type Store

type Store interface {
	BlockExist(*bc.Hash) bool

	GetBlock(*bc.Hash) (*types.Block, error)
	GetStoreStatus() *BlockStoreState
	GetTransactionStatus(*bc.Hash) (*bc.TransactionStatus, error)
	GetTransactionsUtxo(*state.UtxoViewpoint, []*bc.Tx) error
	GetUtxo(*bc.Hash) (*storage.UtxoEntry, error)

	LoadBlockIndex(uint64) (*state.BlockIndex, error)
	SaveBlock(*types.Block, *bc.TransactionStatus) error
	SaveChainStatus(*state.BlockNode, *state.UtxoViewpoint) error

Store provides storage interface for blockchain data

type TxDesc

type TxDesc struct {
	Tx         *types.Tx `json:"transaction"`
	Added      time.Time `json:"-"`
	StatusFail bool      `json:"status_fail"`
	Height     uint64    `json:"-"`
	Weight     uint64    `json:"-"`
	Fee        uint64    `json:"-"`

TxDesc store tx and related info for mining strategy

type TxMsgEvent

type TxMsgEvent struct{ TxMsg *TxPoolMsg }

type TxPool

type TxPool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TxPool is use for store the unconfirmed transaction

func NewTxPool

func NewTxPool(store Store, dispatcher *event.Dispatcher) *TxPool

NewTxPool init a new TxPool

func (*TxPool) AddErrCache

func (tp *TxPool) AddErrCache(txHash *bc.Hash, err error)

AddErrCache add a failed transaction record to lru cache

func (*TxPool) ExpireOrphan

func (tp *TxPool) ExpireOrphan(now time.Time)

ExpireOrphan expire all the orphans that before the input time range

func (*TxPool) GetErrCache

func (tp *TxPool) GetErrCache(txHash *bc.Hash) error

GetErrCache return the error of the transaction

func (*TxPool) GetTransaction

func (tp *TxPool) GetTransaction(txHash *bc.Hash) (*TxDesc, error)

GetTransaction return the TxDesc by hash

func (*TxPool) GetTransactions

func (tp *TxPool) GetTransactions() []*TxDesc

GetTransactions return all the transactions in the pool

func (*TxPool) HaveTransaction

func (tp *TxPool) HaveTransaction(txHash *bc.Hash) bool

HaveTransaction IsTransactionInErrCache check is transaction in errCache or pool

func (*TxPool) IsDust

func (tp *TxPool) IsDust(tx *types.Tx) bool

func (*TxPool) IsTransactionInErrCache

func (tp *TxPool) IsTransactionInErrCache(txHash *bc.Hash) bool

IsTransactionInErrCache check wheather a transaction in errCache or not

func (*TxPool) IsTransactionInPool

func (tp *TxPool) IsTransactionInPool(txHash *bc.Hash) bool

IsTransactionInPool check wheather a transaction in pool or not

func (*TxPool) ProcessTransaction

func (tp *TxPool) ProcessTransaction(tx *types.Tx, statusFail bool, height, fee uint64) (bool, error)

ProcessTransaction is the main entry for txpool handle new tx, ignore dust tx.

func (*TxPool) RemoveTransaction

func (tp *TxPool) RemoveTransaction(txHash *bc.Hash)

RemoveTransaction remove a transaction from the pool

type TxPoolMsg

type TxPoolMsg struct {
	MsgType int

TxPoolMsg is use for notify pool changes


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