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type AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2

type AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2 struct {
	Username string
	Password string
	Address  string

	// RequestDelay is the time to wait after sending one request to the videoswitcher
	// before sending another one. Once you have called a function on the struct,
	// changing it's value will not affect the delay.
	RequestDelay time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) AudioVideoInputs

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) AudioVideoInputs(ctx context.Context) (map[string]string, error)

AudioVideoInputs .

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Healthy added in v0.1.4

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Healthy(ctx context.Context) error

Health Check End Point

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Info

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Info(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, error)

Info .

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Mutes

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Mutes(ctx context.Context, blocks []string) (map[string]bool, error)

Mutes .

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetAudioVideoInput

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetAudioVideoInput(ctx context.Context, output, input string) error

SetAudioVideoInput .

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetMute

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetMute(ctx context.Context, block string, muted bool) error

SetMute for all of the audio objects within the block

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetVolume

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) SetVolume(ctx context.Context, block string, level int) error

SetVolume .

func (*AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Volumes

func (vs *AtlonaVideoSwitcher6x2) Volumes(ctx context.Context, blocks []string) (map[string]int, error)

Volumes .

type Info

type Info struct {
	Hostname    string
	ModelName   string
	MACAddress  string
	IPAddress   string
	Gateway     string
	PowerStatus string

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