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func GetBuildingID

func GetBuildingID(buildingCode string) (int, error)

func GetRoomID

func GetRoomID(building string, room string) (int, error)

GetRoomID returns the ID of a building from its building code

func IsRoomAvailable

func IsRoomAvailable(building string, room string) (bool, error)

IsRoomAvailable returns a bool representing whether or not a room is available according to the EMS scheduling system


type AllBuildings

type AllBuildings struct {
	Buildings []Building `xml:"Data"`

func GetAllBuildings

func GetAllBuildings() (AllBuildings, error)

type AllBuildingsRequestSOAP

type AllBuildingsRequestSOAP struct {
	XMLName  struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetBuildings"`
	Username string   `xml:"UserName"`
	Password string

type AllBuildingsResponseSOAP

type AllBuildingsResponseSOAP struct {
	XMLName struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetBuildingsResponse"`
	Result  string   `xml:"GetBuildingsResult"`

type AllRooms

type AllRooms struct {
	Rooms []Room `xml:"Data"`

func GetAllRooms

func GetAllRooms(buildingID int) (AllRooms, error)

type AllRoomsRequestSOAP

type AllRoomsRequestSOAP struct {
	XMLName   struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetRooms"`
	Username  string   `xml:"UserName"`
	Password  string
	Buildings []int `xml:"int"`

type AllRoomsResponseSOAP

type AllRoomsResponseSOAP struct {
	XMLName struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetRoomsResponse"`
	Result  string   `xml:"GetRoomsResult"`

type Building

type Building struct {
	BuildingCode string `xml:"BuildingCode"`
	ID           int    `xml:"ID"`
	Description  string `xml:"Description"`

type BuildingRequestSOAP

type BuildingRequestSOAP struct {
	XMLName  struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetBuildings"`
	Username string   `xml:"UserName"`
	Password string

type BuildingResponseSOAP

type BuildingResponseSOAP struct {
	XMLName struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetBuildingsResponse"`
	Result  string   `xml:"GetBuildingsResult"`

type Room

type Room struct {
	Room        string
	ID          int
	Description string
	Available   bool

type RoomAvailability

type RoomAvailability struct {
	Available bool

type RoomAvailabilityRequestSOAP

type RoomAvailabilityRequestSOAP struct {
	XMLName     struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetRoomAvailability"`
	Username    string   `xml:"UserName"`
	Password    string
	RoomID      int
	BookingDate time.Time
	StartTime   time.Time
	EndTime     time.Time

type RoomAvailabilityResponseSOAP

type RoomAvailabilityResponseSOAP struct {
	XMLName struct{} `xml:"http://DEA.EMS.API.Web.Service/ GetRoomAvailabilityResponse"`
	Result  string   `xml:"GetRoomAvailabilityResult"`

type RoomResponse

type RoomResponse struct {
	Response []RoomAvailability `xml:"Data"`

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