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func BlankDisplay

func BlankDisplay(context echo.Context) error

BlankDisplay handles the blank command

func GetSignalState

func GetSignalState(context echo.Context, signalName string) error

func GetVolume

func GetVolume(context echo.Context) error

GetVolume handles the request for volume levels

func HandleCommand

func HandleCommand(context echo.Context, commandName string) error

func PowerOn

func PowerOn(context echo.Context) error

PowerOn handles the power on command.

func SetVolume

func SetVolume(context echo.Context) error

SetVolume handles the SetVolume command

func Standby

func Standby(context echo.Context) error

Standby handles the standby command

func SwitchInput

func SwitchInput(context echo.Context) error

SwitchInput handles the SwitchInput command

func Test

func Test(context echo.Context) error

func UnblankDisplay

func UnblankDisplay(context echo.Context) error

UnblankDisplay handles the unblank display

func Update

func Update(context echo.Context) error

Update checks for a current Sig file for the device and updates it if necessary

func VolumeMute

func VolumeMute(context echo.Context) error

VolumeMute handles the mute command

func VolumeUnmute

func VolumeUnmute(context echo.Context) error

VolumeUnmute hanldes the unmute command


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