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var ACK = byte(0x06)

ACK is the acknowledge code

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var CAN = byte(0x18)

CAN is the cancel code

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var EOT = byte(0x04)

EOT is the Ent of Transmission code

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var ETB = byte(0x17)

ETB is the End of transmission Block code

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var NAK = byte(0x15)

NAK is the non-acknowledge code

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var STX = byte(0x02)

STX is the XMODEM-1k header start code


func Receive

func Receive(connection net.Conn) ([]byte, error)

Receive takes a connection that has been already established and is waiting for an XMODEM ACK (or 'C') command to begin XMODEM transmission. Will return the byte array that is recieved via XMODEM. Uses XMODEM-CRC


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