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Published: Jan 28, 2020 License: Apache-2.0


For Local Development Only

When your test environment needs a ClusterDeployment set to "Installed" but you're tired of curling and setting the status manually.

This operator only does one thing, sets ClusterDeployment status. That's it.

Don't forget to install the service account, role, and rolebindings

kubectl create -f deploy/service_account.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/role.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
How do you run this?

Use 'operator-sdk up local' from within this operator's directory.

Alternatively, use it as part of your minikube cluster:

minikube start
kubectl config use-context minikube
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/c-e-brumm/false-hive
kubectl create -f ./deploy
Building the latest image
docker build -f build/Dockerfile . -t quay.io/openshift-sre/false-hive:latest
docker push quay.io/openshift-sre/false-hive:latest


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