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TLDR; Explode your notes.
A PoC for a better keepnote

LEL - no need for more

LEL is a visualization layer and helper for relevant documentation and note taking focused on IT operations.

LEL is built with <3 in Go and React by iNvist .

Website | Documentation | Installation Guide

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The tool is heavily focused to help structuring relevant infos for Redteam, Pentest, Research, Bugbounty and Ops. Go create your own explosion


Installation: here

Usage: here

Dependencies: here.

Development: Dev-Docs

Bugs: More information

Automation: Automation


Guide: guide


LEL can be cross compiled and is therefore available for Windows, Linux

LEL can be downloaded through github releases


In this repo you find a docker-compose.yml, which can be used to start LEL:

docker pull invist/lel:v0.0.1
docker-compose up

The official Repo for lel is invist/lel:v0.0.1.


Because sharing is Caring

More examples can be found in the guide:

./lel -docu <docupath> -editor /usr/bin/code -addr


Metatags are the explosion parts of LEL:

More details and documentation can be found here

Metatag Required Short definition
@ref - Link between entities
@todo - Indicates the start of a todo list
@tags - Give your notes some context and group them
@name yes Id parameter to reference the entity.
@label - Graph label for node
@entity yes Specifiy which entity a note should be.
@icon - Lets you specify your own icon
? - Do you think we missed one ? -> gh issue <3
@name example.com,, HOST.ad.example.com
@entity server
@label example.com
@tags entrypoint, linux, dmz, germany,

# references
@ref (c2)->[:webshell-1]->(this)
@ref (this)->[access]->(proxy)
@ref (this)->[access]->(intra.example.com)

# Example.com
> Some information about the host

## Postexploitation

@todo post
run +mimikatz +postexploit
collect +creds
deploy webshell



  • Q: My External editor is not working ?

    A Please specify an external editor with the -editor parameter and click the toggleButton in the LeL settings.

  • Q: Can I use LEL for private/corporate projects ?

    A: Absolutely

  • Q: What does LEL stand for ?

    A: Of course LEL stands for the Lower explosion limit.

    The lowest concentration (percentage) of a gas or a vapor in air capable of producing a flash of fire in the presence of an ignition source (arc, flame, heat)

  • Q: But why should i use LEL when i have xyz

    A You can choose whatever editor you like. In fact LEL is supporting external editors :) Try it out LEL can coexist between sublime, VS-code, Seafile, Gitlab

  • Q: Why a Logo / Website / Stuff ?

    A Just for fun ¯_(ツ)_/¯ - giving something back to the community: https://editor.l3l.lol/

  • Q: But XYZ is missing !

    A No problem - write an issue and we add it to the feature board.




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func New

NewLel returns the server


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