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Package auth provides functions to generate and check Centrifugo tokens and signs.



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const (
	HMACLength = 64

Centrifugo uses sha256 as digest algorithm for HMAC tokens and signs so all correct tokens must be of fixed length set by HMACLength.


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func CheckApiSign

func CheckApiSign(secret string, data []byte, providedSign string) bool

CheckApiSign validates correctness of provided (in HTTP API request) sign comparing it with generated one

func CheckChannelSign

func CheckChannelSign(secret, client, channel, channelData, providedSign string) bool

CheckChannelSign validates a correctness of provided (in subscribe client command) sign comparing it with generated one

func CheckClientToken

func CheckClientToken(secret, user, timestamp, info, providedToken string) bool

CheckClientToken validates correctness of provided (by client connection) token comparing it with generated one

func GenerateApiSign

func GenerateApiSign(secret string, data []byte) string

GenerateApiSign generates sign which is used to sign HTTP API requests

func GenerateChannelSign

func GenerateChannelSign(secret, client, channel, channelData string) string

GenerateChannelSign generates sign which is used to prove permission of client to subscribe on private channel

func GenerateClientToken

func GenerateClientToken(secret, user, timestamp, info string) string

GenerateClientToken generates client token based on project secret key and provided connection parameters such as user ID, timestamp and info JSON string.


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