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Package loadAvg gets loadavg information from the /proc/loadavg file. Instead of returning a Go struct, it returns Flatbuffer serialized bytes. A function to deserialize the Flatbuffer serialized bytes into a loadavg.LoadAvg struct is provided.

Note: the package name is loadavg and not the final element of the import path (flat).



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func Deserialize

func Deserialize(p []byte) l.LoadAvg

Deserialize takes some Flatbuffer serialized bytes and deserializes them as loadavg.LoadAvg.

func Get

func Get() (p []byte, err error)

Get returns the current loadavg information as Flatbuffer serialized bytes using the package's global Profiler.

func NewTicker

func NewTicker(d time.Duration) (joe.Tocker, error)

NewTicker returns a new Ticker containing a Data channel that delivers the data at intervals and an error channel that delivers any errors encountered. Stop the ticker to signal the ticker to stop running. Stopping the ticker does not close the Data channel; call Close to close both the ticker and the data channel.

func Serialize

func Serialize(la l.LoadAvg) (p []byte, err error)

Serialize serializes LoadAvg information using Flatbuffers using the package's global Profiler.


type Profiler

type Profiler struct {

Profiler is used to process the loadavg information, /proc/loadavg, using Flatbuffers.

func NewProfiler

func NewProfiler() (prof *Profiler, err error)

Returns an initialized Profiler; ready to use.

func (*Profiler) Get

func (prof *Profiler) Get() ([]byte, error)

Get returns the current loadavg information as Flatbuffer serialized bytes.

func (*Profiler) Serialize

func (prof *Profiler) Serialize(la l.LoadAvg) []byte

Serialize serializes loadavg information using Flatbuffers.

type Ticker

type Ticker struct {
	Data chan []byte

Ticker delivers the system's loadavg information at intervals.

func (*Ticker) Close

func (t *Ticker) Close()

Close closes the ticker resources.

func (*Ticker) Run

func (t *Ticker) Run()

Run runs the ticker.

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