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Package os provides OS Release information, /etc/os-release. Instead of returning a Go struct, it returns Flatbuffer serialized bytes. A function to deserialize the Flatbuffer serialized bytes into an os.OS struct is provided.

Note: the package name is os and not the final element of the import path (flat).



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func Deserialize

func Deserialize(p []byte) *o.OS

Deserialize takes some Flatbuffer serialized bytes and deserializes them as release.OS.

func Get

func Get() (p []byte, err error)

Get gets the OS release information, /etc/os-release, as Flatbuffer serialized bytes using the package's global Profiler.

func Serialize

func Serialize(os *o.OS) (p []byte, err error)

Serialize serializes OS release informationa as Flatbuffers using the package's global Profiler.


type Profiler

type Profiler struct {

Profiler processes the OS release information, /etc/os-release, using Flatbuffers.

func NewProfiler

func NewProfiler() (prof *Profiler, err error)

Returns an initialized Profiler; ready to use.

func (*Profiler) Get

func (prof *Profiler) Get() ([]byte, error)

Get gets the OS release information, /etc/os-release, as Flatbuffer serialized bytes.

func (*Profiler) Serialize

func (prof *Profiler) Serialize(os *o.OS) []byte

Serialize serializes OS release information as Flatbuffers.

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