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type Processor

type Processor interface {
	// PushEvaluationEvent pushes the evaluation event to the queue.
	PushEvaluationEvent(ctx context.Context, user *protouser.User, evaluation *protofeature.Evaluation)

	// PushDefaultEvaluationEvent pushes the default evaluation event to the queue.
	PushDefaultEvaluationEvent(ctx context.Context, user *protouser.User, featureID string)

	// PushGoalEvent pushes the goal event to the queue.
	PushGoalEvent(ctx context.Context, user *protouser.User, goalID string, value float64)

	// PushGetEvaluationLatencyMetricsEvent pushes the get evaluation latency metrics event to the queue.
	PushGetEvaluationLatencyMetricsEvent(ctx context.Context, duration time.Duration)

	// PushGetEvaluationSizeMetricsEvent pushes the get evaluation size metrics event to the queue.
	PushGetEvaluationSizeMetricsEvent(ctx context.Context, sizeByte int)

	// PushTimeoutErrorCountMetricsEvent pushes the timeout error count metrics event to the queue.
	PushTimeoutErrorCountMetricsEvent(ctx context.Context)

	// PushInternalErrorCountMetricsEvent pushes the internal error count metrics event to the queue.
	PushInternalErrorCountMetricsEvent(ctx context.Context)

	// Close tears down all Processor activities, after ensuring that all events have been delivered.
	Close(ctx context.Context) error

Processor defines the interface for processing events.

When one of the Push method called, Processor pushes an event to the in-memory event queue.

In the background, Processor pulls the events from the event queue, and sends them to the Bucketeer service using the Bucketeer API Client every time the specified time elapses or the specified capacity is exceeded.

func NewProcessor

func NewProcessor(conf *ProcessorConfig) Processor

NewProcessor creates a new Processor.

type ProcessorConfig

type ProcessorConfig struct {
	// QueueCapacity is a capacity of the event queue.
	// The queue buffers events up to the capacity in memory before processing.
	// If the capacity is exceeded, events will be discarded.
	QueueCapacity int

	// NumFlushWorkers is a number of workers to flush events.
	NumFlushWorkers int

	// FlushInterval is a interval of flushing events.
	// Each worker sends the events to Bucketeer service every time eventFlushInterval elapses or
	// its buffer exceeds eventFlushSize.
	FlushInterval time.Duration

	// FlushSize is a size of the buffer for each worker.
	// Each worker sends the events to Bucketeer service every time EventFlushInterval elapses or
	// its buffer exceeds EventFlushSize is exceeded.
	FlushSize int

	// APIClient is the client for Bucketeer service.
	APIClient api.Client

	// Loggers is the Bucketeer SDK Loggers.
	Loggers *log.Loggers

	// Tag is the Feature Flag tag
	// The tag is set when a Feature Flag is created, and can be retrieved from the admin console.
	Tag string

ProcessorConfig is the config for Processor.

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