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const (
	// DefaultCAID is the default CA ID.
	DefaultCAID = "local"


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type AuthorityConfig added in v2.1.0

type AuthorityConfig struct {
	SignWithRoot bool

	// TODO: should we just embed the underlying authority.Config struct type?
	DB         *db.AuthDB
	AuthConfig *authority.AuthConfig

AuthorityConfig is used to help a CA configure the underlying signing authority.

type CA

type CA struct {
	// The user-facing name of the certificate authority.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// The name to put in the CommonName field of the
	// root certificate.
	RootCommonName string `json:"root_common_name,omitempty"`

	// The name to put in the CommonName field of the
	// intermediate certificates.
	IntermediateCommonName string `json:"intermediate_common_name,omitempty"`

	// Whether Caddy will attempt to install the CA's root
	// into the system trust store, as well as into Java
	// and Mozilla Firefox trust stores. Default: true.
	InstallTrust *bool `json:"install_trust,omitempty"`

	// The root certificate to use; if null, one will be generated.
	Root *KeyPair `json:"root,omitempty"`

	// The intermediate (signing) certificate; if null, one will be generated.
	Intermediate *KeyPair `json:"intermediate,omitempty"`

	// Optionally configure a separate storage module associated with this
	// issuer, instead of using Caddy's global/default-configured storage.
	// This can be useful if you want to keep your signing keys in a
	// separate location from your leaf certificates.
	StorageRaw json.RawMessage `json:"storage,omitempty" caddy:" inline_key=module"`

	// The unique config-facing ID of the certificate authority.
	// Since the ID is set in JSON config via object key, this
	// field is exported only for purposes of config generation
	// and module provisioning.
	ID string `json:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CA describes a certificate authority, which consists of root/signing certificates and various settings pertaining to the issuance of certificates and trusting them.

func (CA) IntermediateCertificate

func (ca CA) IntermediateCertificate() *x509.Certificate

IntermediateCertificate returns the CA's intermediate certificate (public key).

func (CA) IntermediateKey

func (ca CA) IntermediateKey() interface{}

IntermediateKey returns the CA's intermediate private key.

func (CA) NewAuthority added in v2.1.0

func (ca CA) NewAuthority(authorityConfig AuthorityConfig) (*authority.Authority, error)

NewAuthority returns a new Smallstep-powered signing authority for this CA.

func (*CA) Provision

func (ca *CA) Provision(ctx caddy.Context, id string, log *zap.Logger) error

Provision sets up the CA.

func (CA) RootCertificate

func (ca CA) RootCertificate() *x509.Certificate

RootCertificate returns the CA's root certificate (public key).

func (CA) RootKey

func (ca CA) RootKey() (interface{}, error)

RootKey returns the CA's root private key. Since the root key is not cached in memory long-term, it needs to be loaded from storage, which could yield an error.

type KeyPair

type KeyPair struct {
	// The certificate. By default, this should be the path to
	// a PEM file unless format is something else.
	Certificate string `json:"certificate,omitempty"`

	// The private key. By default, this should be the path to
	// a PEM file unless format is something else.
	PrivateKey string `json:"private_key,omitempty"`

	// The format in which the certificate and private
	// key are provided. Default: pem_file
	Format string `json:"format,omitempty"`

KeyPair represents a public-private key pair, where the public key is also called a certificate.

func (KeyPair) Load

func (kp KeyPair) Load() (*x509.Certificate, interface{}, error)

Load loads the certificate and key.

type PKI

type PKI struct {
	// The CAs to manage. Each CA is keyed by an ID that is used
	// to uniquely identify it from other CAs. The default CA ID
	// is "local".
	CAs map[string]*CA `json:"certificate_authorities,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PKI provides Public Key Infrastructure facilities for Caddy.

func (PKI) CaddyModule

func (PKI) CaddyModule() caddy.ModuleInfo

CaddyModule returns the Caddy module information.

func (*PKI) Provision

func (p *PKI) Provision(ctx caddy.Context) error

Provision sets up the configuration for the PKI app.

func (*PKI) Start

func (p *PKI) Start() error

Start starts the PKI app.

func (*PKI) Stop

func (p *PKI) Stop() error

Stop stops the PKI app.


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