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var SkipReflection = errors.New("skip this value")


func BuildTypeName

func BuildTypeName(t reflect.Type) string

func ExpandPath

func ExpandPath(p string) string

ExpandPath replaces common path aliases: ~ -> $HOME

func InvokeMethod

func InvokeMethod(target interface{}, name string, args ...interface{}) ([]reflect.Value, error)

InvokeMethod calls the specified method by reflection

func IsPrimitiveValue

func IsPrimitiveValue(v reflect.Value) bool

IsPrimitiveValue returns true if passed a value of primitive type: int, bool, etc Note that string (like []byte) is not treated as a primitive type

func JsonMergeStruct

func JsonMergeStruct(dest, src interface{})

JsonMergeStruct merges src into dest It uses a JSON marshal & unmarshal, so only fields that are JSON-visible will be copied

func ReflectRecursive

func ReflectRecursive(v reflect.Value, visitor visitorFunc) error

ReflectRecursive calls visitor with v and every recursive sub-value, skipping subtrees if SkipReflection is returned

func SanitizeString

func SanitizeString(s string) string

func StringSlicesEqual

func StringSlicesEqual(l, r []string) bool

func StringSlicesEqualIgnoreOrder

func StringSlicesEqualIgnoreOrder(l, r []string) bool

func YamlMarshal

func YamlMarshal(o interface{}) ([]byte, error)

func YamlToJson

func YamlToJson(yamlBytes []byte) ([]byte, error)

func YamlUnmarshal

func YamlUnmarshal(yamlBytes []byte, dest interface{}) error


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