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const (
	AddSecretRecommendedName = "add"
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const (
	CreateDockerConfigSecretRecommendedName = "new-dockercfg"
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const (
	NewSecretRecommendedCommandName = "new"
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const SecretsRecommendedName = "secrets"



func NewCmdAddSecret

func NewCmdAddSecret(name, fullName string, f *cmdutil.Factory, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewCmdAddSecret creates a command object for adding a secret reference to a service account

func NewCmdCreateDockerConfigSecret

func NewCmdCreateDockerConfigSecret(name, fullName string, f *cmdutil.Factory, out io.Writer, newSecretFullName, ocEditFullName string) *cobra.Command

NewCmdCreateDockerConfigSecret creates a command object for making a dockercfg secret

func NewCmdCreateSecret

func NewCmdCreateSecret(name, fullName string, f *clientcmd.Factory, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCmdSecrets

func NewCmdSecrets(name, fullName string, f *clientcmd.Factory, out io.Writer, ocEditFullName string) *cobra.Command


type AddSecretOptions

type AddSecretOptions struct {
	TargetName  string
	SecretNames []string

	Type SecretType

	Namespace string

	Mapper          meta.RESTMapper
	Typer           runtime.ObjectTyper
	ClientMapper    resource.ClientMapper
	ClientInterface client.Interface

	Out io.Writer

func (AddSecretOptions) AddSecrets

func (o AddSecretOptions) AddSecrets() error

func (AddSecretOptions) AddSecretsToSAMountableSecrets

func (o AddSecretOptions) AddSecretsToSAMountableSecrets(serviceAccount *api.ServiceAccount) (*api.ServiceAccount, error)

func (AddSecretOptions) AddSecretsToSAPullSecrets

func (o AddSecretOptions) AddSecretsToSAPullSecrets(serviceAccount *api.ServiceAccount) (*api.ServiceAccount, error)

func (*AddSecretOptions) Complete

func (o *AddSecretOptions) Complete(f *cmdutil.Factory, args []string, typeFlag string) error

func (AddSecretOptions) GetOut

func (o AddSecretOptions) GetOut() io.Writer

func (AddSecretOptions) Validate

func (o AddSecretOptions) Validate() error

type CreateDockerConfigOptions

type CreateDockerConfigOptions struct {
	SecretNamespace  string
	SecretName       string
	RegistryLocation string
	Username         string
	Password         string
	EmailAddress     string

	SecretsInterface client.SecretsInterface

	Out io.Writer

func (*CreateDockerConfigOptions) Complete

func (o *CreateDockerConfigOptions) Complete(f *cmdutil.Factory, args []string) error

func (CreateDockerConfigOptions) CreateDockerSecret

func (o CreateDockerConfigOptions) CreateDockerSecret() error

func (CreateDockerConfigOptions) GetOut

func (o CreateDockerConfigOptions) GetOut() io.Writer

func (CreateDockerConfigOptions) MakeDockerSecret

func (o CreateDockerConfigOptions) MakeDockerSecret() (*api.Secret, error)

func (CreateDockerConfigOptions) Validate

func (o CreateDockerConfigOptions) Validate() error

type CreateSecretOptions

type CreateSecretOptions struct {
	// Name of the resulting secret
	Name string

	// SecretTypeName is the type to use when creating the secret.  It is checked against known types.
	SecretTypeName string

	// Files/Directories to read from.
	// Directory sources are listed and any direct file children included (but subfolders are not traversed)
	Sources util.StringList

	SecretsInterface kclient.SecretsInterface

	// Writer to write warnings to
	Stderr io.Writer

	Out io.Writer

	// Controls whether to output warnings
	Quiet bool

func NewCreateSecretOptions

func NewCreateSecretOptions() *CreateSecretOptions

func (*CreateSecretOptions) BundleSecret

func (o *CreateSecretOptions) BundleSecret() (*kapi.Secret, error)

func (*CreateSecretOptions) Complete

func (o *CreateSecretOptions) Complete(args []string, f *clientcmd.Factory) error

func (*CreateSecretOptions) CreateSecret

func (o *CreateSecretOptions) CreateSecret() (*kapi.Secret, error)

func (*CreateSecretOptions) Validate

func (o *CreateSecretOptions) Validate() error

type KnownSecretType

type KnownSecretType struct {
	Type             kapi.SecretType
	RequiredContents util.StringSet

func (KnownSecretType) Matches

func (ks KnownSecretType) Matches(secretContent map[string][]byte) bool

type SecretType

type SecretType string
var (
	PullType  SecretType = "pull"
	MountType SecretType = "mount"

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