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Package source includes detectors for STI source repositories



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DefafultDetectors is a default set of Detector functions


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type DetectorFunc

type DetectorFunc func(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectorFunc is a function that returns source Info from a given directory. It returns true if it was able to detect the code in the given directory.

type Detectors

type Detectors []DetectorFunc

Detectors is a set of DetectorFunc that is used to detect the language/platform for a given source directory

func (Detectors) DetectSource

func (s Detectors) DetectSource(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectSource returns source information from a given directory using a set of Detectors

type Info

type Info struct {
	Platform string
	Version  string

Info is detected platform information from a source directory

func DetectJava

func DetectJava(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectJava detects Java source

func DetectNodeJS

func DetectNodeJS(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectNodeJS detects NodeJS source

func DetectPHP added in v0.6.1

func DetectPHP(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectPHP detects PHP source

func DetectPerl added in v0.6.1

func DetectPerl(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectPerl detects Perl source

func DetectPython added in v0.6.1

func DetectPython(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectPython detects Python source

func DetectRuby

func DetectRuby(dir string) (*Info, bool)

DetectRuby detects Ruby source

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