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func GCPodUpdated

func GCPodUpdated(client kubernetes.Interface, pod *corev1.Pod)

    GCPodUpdated handles GC pod update. If GC pod is terminated, it will be deleted.

    func IsGCPod

    func IsGCPod(pod *corev1.Pod) bool

      IsGCPod judges whether a pod is a GC pod by check whether it has label "".

      func IsWorkloadPod

      func IsWorkloadPod(pod *corev1.Pod) bool

        IsWorkloadPod judges whether a pod is a workload pod by check whether it has label "".


        type Handler

        type Handler struct {
        	ClusterClient kubernetes.Interface
        	Client        k8s.Interface

          Handler ...

          func NewHandler

          func NewHandler(client k8s.Interface, clusterClient kubernetes.Interface) *Handler

            NewHandler ...

            func (*Handler) AddFinalizer

            func (h *Handler) AddFinalizer(obj interface{}) (bool, error)

              AddFinalizer adds a finalizer to the object and update the object to the Kubernetes.

              func (*Handler) HandleFinalizer

              func (h *Handler) HandleFinalizer(obj interface{}) error

                HandleFinalizer does the finalizer key representing things.

                func (*Handler) Reconcile

                func (h *Handler) Reconcile(obj interface{}) (res controller.Result, err error)

                  Reconcile compares the actual state with the desired, and attempts to converge the two.

                  type Operator

                  type Operator struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    Operator ...

                    func NewOperator

                    func NewOperator(clusterClient kubernetes.Interface, client k8s.Interface, pod *corev1.Pod) (*Operator, error)

                      NewOperator ...

                      func (*Operator) DetermineStatus

                      func (p *Operator) DetermineStatus(wfrOperator workflowrun.Operator)

                        DetermineStatus determines status of a stage and update WorkflowRun status accordingly. Because coordinator container is the last container running in the pod (it performs collect logs, artifacts, notify resource resolver to push resource), when the coordinator container have been finished (no matter Succeed or Failed), we need to update stage status, and take necessary actions to stop the pod.

                        func (*Operator) OnDelete

                        func (p *Operator) OnDelete() error

                          OnDelete handles the situation when a stage pod gotten delete. It updates corresponding WorkflowRun's status.

                          func (*Operator) OnUpdated

                          func (p *Operator) OnUpdated() error

                            OnUpdated ...