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Package leaderelection provides a set of utility functions for running a highly available controller component.



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func RunOrDie

func RunOrDie(opt Option)

RunOrDie starts the leader election code loop with the provided config or panics if the config fails to validate. A wrapper of Kubernetes leaderelection package, more info here: https://github.com/caicloud/leader-election-example


type Option

type Option struct {
	// LeaseLockName is the lease lock resource name, recommended to use the component name.
	LeaseLockName string
	// LeaseLockNamespace is the lease lock resource namespace, recommended to use the component namespace.
	LeaseLockNamespace string
	// ID is the the holder identity name, recommended to use the component pod name.
	// If not set, the value of the POD_NAME environment variable will be used
	// +optional
	ID string
	// KubeClient is the kube client of a cluster.
	KubeClient kubernetes.Interface
	// Run is the main controller code loop starter.
	Run func(ctx context.Context)
	// LivenessChecker defines the liveness healthz checker.
	// +optional
	LivenessChecker func(req *http.Request) error
	// Port is the healthz server port.
	Port int
	// StopCh is the stop channel used to shut down the component
	StopCh <-chan struct{}

Option defines the parameters required to start the leader election component.

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