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const (
	// GitLab is the Gitlab scm
	GitLab SCMType = "GitLab"
	// GitHub is the GitHub scm
	GitHub = "GitHub"
	// SVN is the SVN scm
	SVN = "SVN"
	// Bitbucket is the Bitbucket scm
	Bitbucket = "Bitbucket"
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const (
	// APIVersion represents API version.
	APIVersion = "v1alpha1"
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const (
	// StatusTerminating indicates the resource is being deleted, resources's
	// deletionTimestamp is not empty in this status.
	// Note this is not a real status recorded in the resource, it just indicates
	// resources under deleting to make it easy to use.
	StatusTerminating v1alpha1.StatusPhase = "Terminating"


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type AccelerationCacheCleanupOverallStatus added in v1.1.0

type AccelerationCacheCleanupOverallStatus struct {
	LatestSucceededTimestamp meta_v1.Time                   `json:"latestSucceededTimestamp"`
	LatestStatus             AccelerationCacheCleanupStatus `json:"latestStatus"`

AccelerationCacheCleanupOverallStatus holds latest succeeded cache cleanup time and latest cleanup status of acceleration.

type AccelerationCacheCleanupStatus added in v1.1.0

type AccelerationCacheCleanupStatus struct {
	// Cyclone will launch a pod to cleanup acceleration cache, and the pod name will be used as TaskID.
	TaskID             string            `json:"taskID"`
	Phase              CacheCleanupPhase `json:"phase"`
	StartTime          meta_v1.Time      `json:"startTime"`
	LastTransitionTime meta_v1.Time      `json:"lastTransitionTime"`
	// Reason holds information of why the task failed.
	Reason string `json:"reason"`

AccelerationCacheCleanupStatus ...

type CacheCleanupPhase added in v1.1.0

type CacheCleanupPhase string

CacheCleanupPhase defines phases of cache cleanup

const (
	// CacheCleanupRunning ...
	CacheCleanupRunning CacheCleanupPhase = "Running"
	// CacheCleanupFailed ...
	CacheCleanupFailed CacheCleanupPhase = "Failed"
	// CacheCleanupSucceeded ...
	CacheCleanupSucceeded CacheCleanupPhase = "Succeeded"

type CacheCleanupStatus added in v1.1.0

type CacheCleanupStatus struct {
	Acceleration AccelerationCacheCleanupOverallStatus `json:"acceleration"`

CacheCleanupStatus describes status of cache cleanup. Only acceleration caches could be processed.

type ClusterSource

type ClusterSource struct {
	// ClusterName is ID to unique identify the cluster
	ClusterName string `json:"clusterName"`
	// Credential is the credential info of the cluster
	Credential v1alpha1.ClusterCredential `json:"credential"`
	// IsControlCluster describes whether the cluster is the control cluster itself
	IsControlCluster bool `json:"isControlCluster,omitempty"`
	// IsWorkerCluster defines whether this cluster can be used to run workflow.
	// True, will create namespace and pvc associated with tenant in the cluster.
	// False, will delete namespace and pvc associated with tenant in the cluster.
	IsWorkerCluster bool `json:"isWorkerCluster"`
	// Namespace is the namespace where workflow will run in.
	// If set, cyclone will use it directly, otherwise a new one will be created.
	// It's used when 'IsWorkerCluster' is True.
	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`
	// PVC is the pvc name specified by user, and if this is not nil, cyclone will
	// use this pvc and not to create another one.
	// It's used when 'IsWorkerCluster' is True.
	PVC string `json:"pvc"`

ClusterSource contains info about clusters.

type DockerRegistrySource

type DockerRegistrySource struct {
	// Server represents the domain of docker registry.
	Server string `json:"server"`
	// User is a user of registry.
	User string `json:"user"`
	// Password is the password of the corresponding user.
	Password string `json:"password"`

DockerRegistrySource represents a docker registry to manager containers.

type ExecutionContext added in v0.9.7

type ExecutionContext struct {
	Spec   ExecutionContextSpec   `json:"spec"`
	Status ExecutionContextStatus `json:"status"`

ExecutionContext represtents a context used to execute workflows.

type ExecutionContextPhase added in v0.9.7

type ExecutionContextPhase string

ExecutionContextPhase represents the phase of ExecutionContext.

const (
	// ExecutionContextReady is ready phase
	ExecutionContextReady ExecutionContextPhase = "Ready"
	// ExecutionContextNotReady is not ready phase
	ExecutionContextNotReady ExecutionContextPhase = "NotReady"
	// ExecutionContextNotUnknown is unknown phase
	ExecutionContextNotUnknown ExecutionContextPhase = "Unknown"
	// ExecutionContextClosed is closed phase; if you want to use a closed execution context, you need to
	// open the related cluster integration firstly.
	ExecutionContextClosed ExecutionContextPhase = "Closed"

type ExecutionContextSpec added in v0.9.7

type ExecutionContextSpec struct {
	Cluster   string `json:"cluster"`
	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`
	PVC       string `json:"pvc"`

ExecutionContextSpec describes the execution context

type ExecutionContextStatus added in v0.9.7

type ExecutionContextStatus struct {
	// Phase of the execution context, could be 'Ready', 'NotReady' or 'Unknown'
	Phase ExecutionContextPhase `json:"phase"`
	// ReservedResources indicate resources that will be used by system components, like pvc watcher, and
	// can not be used by workflows execution.
	ReservedResources map[core_v1.ResourceName]string `json:"reservedResources"`
	// PVC describes status of PVC
	PVC PVCOverallStatus `json:"pvc"`

ExecutionContextStatus describe the status of execution context, it contains information that affects pipeline execution, like reserved resources, pvc status.

type HealthStatus

type HealthStatus struct {
	Status string `json:"status"`

HealthStatus ...

type Integration

type Integration struct {
	// Metadata for the particular object, including name, namespace, labels, etc
	meta_v1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	// Spec contains integration spec
	Spec IntegrationSpec `json:"spec"`

Integration contains information about external systems

type IntegrationSource

type IntegrationSource struct {
	// SonarQube describes info about external system sonar qube, and is used for code scanning in CI.
	SonarQube *SonarQubeSource `json:"sonarQube,omitempty"`

	// DockerRegistry describes info about external system docker registry, and is used to manager containers.
	DockerRegistry *DockerRegistrySource `json:"dockerRegistry,omitempty"`

	// SCM describes info about external Source Code Management system, and is used to manager code.
	SCM *SCMSource `json:"scm,omitempty"`

	// Cluster contains information about clusters.
	// Users can define which cluster will be used to run workload,
	// and clusters integrated here can be used to deploy application in CD tasks.
	Cluster *ClusterSource `json:"cluster,omitempty"`

	// General contains parameters defined by users.
	General []ParameterItem `json:"general,omitempty"`

IntegrationSource contains various external systems. exactly one of its members must be set, and the member must equal with the integration's type.

type IntegrationSpec

type IntegrationSpec struct {
	// Type of integration
	Type IntegrationType `json:"type"`
	// The actual info about various external systems.
	IntegrationSource `json:",inline"`

IntegrationSpec contains the integration spec information

type IntegrationType

type IntegrationType string

IntegrationType defines the type of integration

const (
	// SonarQube is the SonarQube integration
	SonarQube IntegrationType = "SonarQube"
	// DockerRegistry is the DockerRegistry integration
	DockerRegistry IntegrationType = "DockerRegistry"
	// SCM is the SCM integration
	SCM IntegrationType = "SCM"
	// Cluster is the Cluster integration
	Cluster IntegrationType = "Cluster"
	// GeneralIntegration is the General integration
	GeneralIntegration IntegrationType = "General"

type PVCOverallStatus added in v1.0.0

type PVCOverallStatus struct {
	Usage  *PVCUsageStatus                      `json:"usage"`
	Status *core_v1.PersistentVolumeClaimStatus `json:"status"`

PVCOverallStatus includes upstream kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaimStatus and human readable pvc usage profile

type PVCUsage added in v1.0.0

type PVCUsage struct {
	// Total is total space
	Total string `json:"total"`
	// Used is space used
	Used string `json:"used"`
	// Items are space used by each folder, for example, 'caches' -> '1.2G'
	Items map[string]string `json:"items"`

PVCUsage represents PVC usages in a tenant, values are in human readable format, for example, '8K', '1.2G'.

type PVCUsageStatus added in v1.0.0

type PVCUsageStatus struct {
	UsedPercentage float64 `json:"usedPercentage"`

PVCUsageStatus describe PVSUsage and calculate the used percentage of PVC.

type ParameterItem

type ParameterItem struct {
	// Name of the parameter
	Name string `json:"name"`
	// Value of the parameter
	Value string `json:"value"`

ParameterItem defines a parameter

type PersistentVolumeClaim

type PersistentVolumeClaim struct {

	// StorageClass represents the strorageclass used to create pvc
	StorageClass string `json:"storageClass"`

	// Size represents the capacity of the pvc, unit supports 'Gi' or 'Mi'
	// More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/storage/persistent-volumes#capacity
	Size string `json:"size"`

PersistentVolumeClaim describes information about pvc belongs to a tenant

type SCMAuthType

type SCMAuthType string

SCMAuthType represents the type of SCM auth, support password and token.

const (
	// AuthTypePassword represents using password to auth
	AuthTypePassword SCMAuthType = "Password"
	// AuthTypeToken represents using token to auth
	AuthTypeToken SCMAuthType = "Token"

type SCMSource

type SCMSource struct {
	// Type is the type of scm, e.g. GitLab, GitHub, SVN
	Type SCMType `json:"type"`
	// Server represents the domain of docker registry.
	Server string `json:"server"`
	// User is a user of the SCM.
	User string `json:"user"`
	// Password is the password of the corresponding user.
	Password string `json:"password"`
	// Token is the credential to access SCM.
	Token string `json:"token"`
	// AuthType is the type of auth way, can be Token or Password
	AuthType SCMAuthType `json:"authType"`

SCMSource represents Source Code Management to manage code.

type SCMType

type SCMType string

SCMType defines the type of Source Code Management

type SonarQubeSource

type SonarQubeSource struct {
	// Server represents the server address of sonar qube .
	Server string `json:"server"`
	// Token is the credential to access sonar server.
	Token string `json:"token"`

SonarQubeSource represents a code scanning tool for CI.

type StageArtifact added in v1.1.0

type StageArtifact struct {
	// Stage name
	Stage string `json:"stage"`
	// Files name
	File              string    `json:"file"`
	CreationTimestamp time.Time `json:"creationTimestamp"`

StageArtifact describes artifacts produced by a workflowRun

type Statistic

type Statistic struct {
	// Overview statistics
	Overview StatsOverview `json:"overview"`
	// Details statistics
	Details []*StatsDetail `json:"details"`

Statistic represents statistics of project or workflow.

type StatsDetail

type StatsDetail struct {
	Timestamp int64 `json:"timestamp"`
	// StatsPhase ...
	StatsPhase `json:",inline"`

StatsDetail represents detailed statistics

type StatsOverview

type StatsOverview struct {
	// Total represents number of workflowruns
	Total int `json:"total"`
	// StatsPhase ...
	StatsPhase `json:",inline"`
	// SuccessRatio represents ratio of success workflowrun,
	// SuccessRatio == CompletedCount / Total
	SuccessRatio string `json:"successRatio"`

StatsOverview represents overview statistics

type StatsPhase

type StatsPhase struct {
	// Pending wfr count
	Pending int `json:"pending"`
	// Running wfr count
	Running int `json:"running"`
	// Waiting wfr count
	Waiting int `json:"waiting"`
	// Succeeded wfr count
	Succeeded int `json:"succeeded"`
	// Failed wfr count
	Failed int `json:"failed"`
	// Cancelled wfr count
	Cancelled int `json:"cancelled"`

StatsPhase ...

type StorageCleanup added in v0.9.6

type StorageCleanup struct {
	Paths []string `json:"paths"`

StorageCleanup defines storage paths to clean

type StorageUsage

type StorageUsage struct {
	Total string            `json:"total"`
	Used  string            `json:"used"`
	Items map[string]string `json:"items"`

StorageUsage defines usage of PVC storage

type Tenant

type Tenant struct {
	// Metadata for the particular object, including name, namespace, labels, etc
	meta_v1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	// Spec contains tenant spec
	Spec TenantSpec `json:"spec"`

Tenant contains information about tenant

type TenantSpec

type TenantSpec struct {
	// PersistentVolumeClaim describes information about persistent volume claim
	PersistentVolumeClaim PersistentVolumeClaim `json:"persistentVolumeClaim"`

	// ResourceQuota describes the resource quota of the namespace,
	// eg map[core_v1.ResourceName]string{"cpu": "2", "memory": "4Gi"}
	ResourceQuota map[core_v1.ResourceName]string `json:"resourceQuota"`

TenantSpec contains the tenant spec information

type WebhookResponse

type WebhookResponse struct {
	Message string `json:"message,omitempty"`

WebhookResponse represents response for webhooks.

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