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const (
	// EnvStagePodName is an environment which represents pod name.
	EnvStagePodName = "POD_NAME"
	// EnvStageInfo is an environment which represents stage information.
	EnvStageInfo = "STAGE_INFO"
	// EnvWorkflowRunInfo is an environment which represents workflowrun information.
	EnvWorkflowRunInfo = "WORKFLOWRUN_INFO"
	// EnvOutputResourcesInfo is an environment which represents output resources information.
	EnvOutputResourcesInfo = "OUTPUT_RESOURCES_INFO"
	// EnvMetadataNamespace is an environment which represents namespace of workflows/workflowRuns/stages.
	EnvMetadataNamespace = "METADATA_NAMESPACE"

	// EnvWorkflowName is an environment which represents workflow name.
	EnvWorkflowName = "WORKFLOW_NAME"
	// EnvWorkflowrunName is an environment which represents workflowrun name.
	EnvWorkflowrunName = "WORKFLOWRUN_NAME"
	// EnvStageName is an environment which represents stage name.
	EnvStageName = "STAGE_NAME"
	// EnvWorkloadContainerName is an environment which represents the workload container name.
	EnvWorkloadContainerName = "WORKLOAD_CONTAINER_NAME"
	// EnvNamespace is an environment which represents namespace of workflow execution context.
	EnvNamespace = "NAMESPACE"
	// EnvCycloneServerAddr is an environment which represents cyclone server address.
	EnvCycloneServerAddr = "CYCLONE_SERVER_ADDR"
	// EnvLogCollectorURL is URL to send logs

	// DefaultCycloneServerAddr defines default Cyclone Server address
	DefaultCycloneServerAddr = "cyclone-server"

	// CycloneSidecarPrefix defines container name prefixes for sidecar. There are two kinds of
	// sidecars in workflow:
	// - Those added automatically by Cyclone such as coordinator, resource resolvers.
	// - Those specified by users in stage spec as workload.
	CycloneSidecarPrefix = "csc-"

	// WorkloadSidecarPrefix defines workload sidecar container name prefix.
	WorkloadSidecarPrefix = "wsc-"

	// CoordinatorSidecarName defines name of coordinator container.
	CoordinatorSidecarName = CycloneSidecarPrefix + "co"

	// DockerInDockerSidecarName defines name of docker in docker container.
	DockerInDockerSidecarName = CycloneSidecarPrefix + "dind"

	// ResolverDefaultWorkspacePath is workspace path in resource resolver containers.
	// Following files or directories will be in this workspace.
	// - ${WORKFLOWRUN_NAME}-pulling.lock File lock determine which stage to pull the resource
	// - notify Directory contains notify file indicating readiness of output resource data.
	// - data Directory contains the data of the resource. For example, source code.
	ResolverDefaultWorkspacePath = "/workspace"
	// ResolverDefaultDataPath is data path in resource resolver containers.
	ResolverDefaultDataPath = "/workspace/data"
	// ResolverNotifyDir is name of the notify directory where coordinator would create ok file there.
	ResolverNotifyDir = "notify"
	// ResolverNotifyDirPath is notify directory path in resource resolver container.
	ResolverNotifyDirPath = "/workspace/notify"

	// ResourcePullCommand indicates pull resource
	ResourcePullCommand = "pull"
	// ResourcePushCommand indicates push resource
	ResourcePushCommand = "push"

	// CoordinatorResolverPath ...
	CoordinatorResolverPath = "/workspace/resolvers"
	// CoordinatorResolverNotifyPath ...
	CoordinatorResolverNotifyPath = "/workspace/resolvers/notify"
	// CoordinatorResolverNotifyOkPath ...
	CoordinatorResolverNotifyOkPath = "/workspace/resolvers/notify/ok"
	// CoordinatorArtifactsPath ...
	CoordinatorArtifactsPath = "/workspace/artifacts"
	// CoordinatorResultsPath is the directory that contains __result__ files written by other containers
	CoordinatorResultsPath = "/workspace/results"

	// ToolboxPath is path of cyclone tools in containers
	ToolboxPath = "/usr/bin/cyclone-toolbox"
	// ToolboxVolumeMountPath is mount path of the toolbox emptyDir volume mounted in container
	ToolboxVolumeMountPath = "/cyclone-toolbox"

	// OutputResourcesVolume is the name of the volume that contains resources generated by users.
	OutputResourcesVolume = "output-resources-volume"
	// DefaultPvVolumeName is name of the default PV used by all workflow stages.
	DefaultPvVolumeName = "default-pv"
	// ToolsVolume is name of the volume to inject cyclone tools to containers.
	ToolsVolume = "toolbox-volume"
	// CoordinatorSidecarVolumeName is name of the emptyDir volume shared between coordinator and
	// sidecar containers, e.g. image resolvers. Coordinator would notify resolvers that workload
	// containers have finished their work, so that resource resolvers can push resources.
	CoordinatorSidecarVolumeName = "coordinator-sidecar-volume"
	// DockerInDockerSockVolume is volume used for docker-in-docker to share it's sock file with other containers.
	DockerInDockerSockVolume = "docker-dind-sock"
	// DockerConfigJSONVolume is volume for config.json in secret.
	DockerConfigJSONVolume = "cyclone-docker-secret-volume"
	// DockerSockPath is path of docker socket file in container
	DockerSockPath = "/var/run"

	// ContainerStateTerminated represents container is stopped.
	ContainerStateTerminated ContainerState = "Terminated"
	// ContainerStateInitialized represents container is Running or Stopped, not Init or Creating.
	ContainerStateInitialized ContainerState = "Initialized"

	// ResultFileDir contains the file `__result__` to hold execution result of a container that need to be synced to
	// WorkflowRun status. Each line of the result should be in format: <key>:<value>
	ResultFileDir = "/cyclone/results"
	// ResultDirSubPath defines the subPath of ResultFileDir in coordinator sidecar volume
	ResultDirSubPath = "results"

	// OutputResourcesDir contains the output resources generated by workload container
	OutputResourcesDir = "/cyclone/resources"

	// DefaultServiceAccountName is service account name used by stage pod
	DefaultServiceAccountName = "cyclone"
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const (
	// GCContainerName is name of GC container
	GCContainerName = "gc"
	// GCDataPath is parent folder holding data to be cleaned by GC pod
	GCDataPath = "/workspace"
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const (
	// StageMountPath is path that we will mount PV on in container.
	StageMountPath = "/__cyclone__workspace"

	// CoordinatorWorkspacePath is path of artifacts in coordinator container
	CoordinatorWorkspacePath = "/workspace/"
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const (
	// EventSourceWfrController represents events send from workflowrun controller.
	EventSourceWfrController string = "WorkflowRunController"


This section is empty.


func AllContainers added in v0.9.3

func AllContainers(string) bool

AllContainers selects all containers, it returns true regardless of the container name.

func ArtifactPath

func ArtifactPath(wfr, stage, artifact string) string

ArtifactPath gets the path of a artifact in PV.

func ArtifactsPath

func ArtifactsPath(wfr, stage string) string

ArtifactsPath gets the path of artifacts in PV

func GetEventRecorder

func GetEventRecorder(client k8s.Interface, component string) record.EventRecorder

GetEventRecorder get the event recorder object. Create it of not exists yet.

func GetExecutionClusterClient added in v0.9.6

func GetExecutionClusterClient(wfr *v1alpha1.WorkflowRun) kubernetes.Interface

GetExecutionClusterClient gets execution cluster client with the WorkflowRun

func GetResourceResolver added in v0.9.6

func GetResourceResolver(client clientset.Interface, resource *v1alpha1.Resource) (string, error)

GetResourceResolver gets resource resolver for a given resource type

func GetResourceTypes added in v0.9.6

func GetResourceTypes(client clientset.Interface, namespaces []string, operation string) ([]v1alpha1.Resource, error)

GetResourceTypes gets supported types of resources.

func InputResourceVolumeName

func InputResourceVolumeName(name string) string

InputResourceVolumeName ...

func NonCoordinator

func NonCoordinator(name string) bool

NonCoordinator selects all containers except coordinator.

func NonDockerInDocker added in v0.9.3

func NonDockerInDocker(name string) bool

NonDockerInDocker selects all containers except docker:dind.

func NonWorkloadSidecar

func NonWorkloadSidecar(name string) bool

NonWorkloadSidecar selects all containers except workload sidecars.

func OnlyCustomContainer added in v0.9.3

func OnlyCustomContainer(name string) bool

OnlyCustomContainer judges whether a container is a custom container based on container name. Containers added by Cyclone would have CycloneSidecarPrefix prefix in container names.

func OnlyWorkload

func OnlyWorkload(name string) bool

OnlyWorkload selects only workload containers.

func OutputResourceVolumeName

func OutputResourceVolumeName(name string) string

OutputResourceVolumeName ...

func Pass

func Pass(name string, selectors []ContainerSelector) bool

Pass check whether the given container name passes the given selectors.

func PresetVolumeName added in v0.9.3

func PresetVolumeName(index int) string

PresetVolumeName ...

func ResolveProjectName added in v1.0.2

func ResolveProjectName(wfr v1alpha1.WorkflowRun) string

ResolveProjectName finds project name in the workflowRun's label, if found returns the value, otherwise returns empty.

func ResolveWorkflowName added in v1.0.2

func ResolveWorkflowName(wfr v1alpha1.WorkflowRun) string

ResolveWorkflowName finds workflow name in the workflowRun's filed in order - WorkflowRef - OwnerReference - Label workflow if found returns the value, otherwise returns empty.

func ResourcePath

func ResourcePath(wfr, resource string) string

ResourcePath gets the path of a resource in PV

func ResultSubPath added in v1.2.0

func ResultSubPath(containerName string) string

ResultSubPath returns the subPath in the volume according to the containerName.

func StagePath

func StagePath(wfr, stage string) string

StagePath gets the path of a stage in PV

func WorkflowRunsPath

func WorkflowRunsPath() string

WorkflowRunsPath indicates WorkflowRuns data path in PV


type ContainerSelector

type ContainerSelector func(name string) bool

ContainerSelector is a function to select containers

type ContainerState

type ContainerState string

ContainerState represents container state.

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