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const (
	// KeyTemplate ...
	KeyTemplate = "%s/%s"


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func ToWorkflowTrigger

func ToWorkflowTrigger(obj interface{}) (*v1alpha1.WorkflowTrigger, error)

ToWorkflowTrigger converts to workflow trigger.


type CronTrigger

type CronTrigger struct {
	Cron                *cron.Cron
	IsRunning           bool
	SuccCount           int
	FailCount           int
	Namespace           string
	WorkflowTriggerName string
	WorkflowRun         *v1alpha1.WorkflowRun
	Manage              *CronTriggerManager

CronTrigger ...

func (*CronTrigger) Run

func (t *CronTrigger) Run()

Run triggers the workflows.

type CronTriggerManager

type CronTriggerManager struct {
	Client         clientset.Interface
	CronTriggerMap map[string]*CronTrigger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CronTriggerManager represents manager for cron triggers.

func NewTriggerManager

func NewTriggerManager(client clientset.Interface) *CronTriggerManager

NewTriggerManager returns a cron trigger manager.

func (*CronTriggerManager) AddTrigger

func (m *CronTriggerManager) AddTrigger(trigger *CronTrigger)

AddTrigger adds one cron trigger.

func (*CronTriggerManager) CreateCron

func (m *CronTriggerManager) CreateCron(wft *v1alpha1.WorkflowTrigger)

CreateCron creates a cron trigger from workflow trigger, and add it to cron trigger manager.

func (*CronTriggerManager) DeleteCron

func (m *CronTriggerManager) DeleteCron(wft *v1alpha1.WorkflowTrigger)

DeleteCron deletes cron trigger from cron trigger manager.

func (*CronTriggerManager) DeleteTrigger

func (m *CronTriggerManager) DeleteTrigger(wftKey string)

DeleteTrigger deletes one cron trigger.

func (*CronTriggerManager) UpdateCron

func (m *CronTriggerManager) UpdateCron(wft *v1alpha1.WorkflowTrigger)

UpdateCron updates cron trigger based on workflow trigger.

type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler ...

func NewHandler added in v1.1.0

func NewHandler(client clientset.Interface) *Handler

NewHandler ...

func (*Handler) AddFinalizer added in v1.1.0

func (h *Handler) AddFinalizer(obj interface{}) (bool, error)

AddFinalizer adds a finalizer to the object and update the object to the Kubernetes.

func (*Handler) HandleFinalizer added in v1.1.0

func (h *Handler) HandleFinalizer(obj interface{}) error

HandleFinalizer does the finalizer key representing things.

func (*Handler) Reconcile added in v1.1.0

func (h *Handler) Reconcile(obj interface{}) (res controller.Result, err error)

Reconcile compares the actual state with the desired, and attempts to converge the two.

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