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var ControllerRegistry map[string]*ClusterController

ControllerRegistry manages all controllers created for each cluster. When a new Cluster found, create controller for it and add its stop channel to this registry if not exist. When a Cluster removed, close the channel in this map, and delete the key.

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var NewClusterChan chan *ClusterController

NewClusterChan is channels for clusters that got created.


func GetClusterClient

func GetClusterClient(name string) kubernetes.Interface

GetClusterClient gets cluster client with the given cluster name

func RegisterClusterController

func RegisterClusterController(cluster *v1alpha1.ExecutionCluster) error

RegisterClusterController register a cluster to this registry.

func RemoveClusterController

func RemoveClusterController(cluster *v1alpha1.ExecutionCluster) error

RemoveClusterController stop and remove cluster from this registry.


type ClusterController

type ClusterController struct {
	// Cluster ...
	Cluster *v1alpha1.ExecutionCluster
	// Cluster client
	Client kubernetes.Interface
	// Channel that can be used to stop the controller
	StopCh chan struct{}

ClusterController ...

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