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Package environment describes the operating environment for Tiller.

Tiller's environment encapsulates all of the service dependencies Tiller has. These dependencies are expressed as interfaces so that alternate implementations (mocks, etc.) can be easily generated.



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const (
	// HomeEnvVar is the HELM_HOME environment variable key.
	HomeEnvVar = "HELM_HOME"
	// PluginEnvVar is the HELM_PLUGIN environment variable key.
	PluginEnvVar = "HELM_PLUGIN"
	// PluginDisableEnvVar is the HELM_NO_PLUGINS environment variable key.
	PluginDisableEnvVar = "HELM_NO_PLUGINS"
	// HostEnvVar is the HELM_HOST environment variable key.
	HostEnvVar = "HELM_HOST"
	// DebugEnvVar is the HELM_DEBUG environment variable key.
	DebugEnvVar = "HELM_DEBUG"


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var DefaultHelmHome = filepath.Join("$HOME", ".helm")

DefaultHelmHome is the default HELM_HOME.


This section is empty.


type EnvSettings

type EnvSettings struct {
	// TillerHost is the host and port of Tiller.
	TillerHost string
	// TillerNamespace is the namespace in which Tiller runs.
	TillerNamespace string
	// Home is the local path to the Helm home directory.
	Home helmpath.Home
	// Debug indicates whether or not Helm is running in Debug mode.
	Debug bool

EnvSettings describes all of the environment settings.

func (EnvSettings) PluginDirs

func (s EnvSettings) PluginDirs() string

PluginDirs is the path to the plugin directories.

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