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func Backend

func Backend() *backend

func EscapeLDAPValue added in v0.2.0

func EscapeLDAPValue(input string) string

func Factory

func Factory(conf *logical.BackendConfig) (logical.Backend, error)


type CLIHandler

type CLIHandler struct{}

func (*CLIHandler) Auth

func (h *CLIHandler) Auth(c *api.Client, m map[string]string) (string, error)

func (*CLIHandler) Help

func (h *CLIHandler) Help() string

type ConfigEntry

type ConfigEntry struct {
	Url           string `json:"url" structs:"url" mapstructure:"url"`
	UserDN        string `json:"userdn" structs:"userdn" mapstructure:"userdn"`
	GroupDN       string `json:"groupdn" structs:"groupdn" mapstructure:"groupdn"`
	GroupFilter   string `json:"groupfilter" structs:"groupfilter" mapstructure:"groupfilter"`
	GroupAttr     string `json:"groupattr" structs:"groupattr" mapstructure:"groupattr"`
	UPNDomain     string `json:"upndomain" structs:"upndomain" mapstructure:"upndomain"`
	UserAttr      string `json:"userattr" structs:"userattr" mapstructure:"userattr"`
	Certificate   string `json:"certificate" structs:"certificate" mapstructure:"certificate"`
	InsecureTLS   bool   `json:"insecure_tls" structs:"insecure_tls" mapstructure:"insecure_tls"`
	StartTLS      bool   `json:"starttls" structs:"starttls" mapstructure:"starttls"`
	BindDN        string `json:"binddn" structs:"binddn" mapstructure:"binddn"`
	BindPassword  string `json:"bindpass" structs:"bindpass" mapstructure:"bindpass"`
	DenyNullBind  bool   `json:"deny_null_bind" structs:"deny_null_bind" mapstructure:"deny_null_bind"`
	DiscoverDN    bool   `json:"discoverdn" structs:"discoverdn" mapstructure:"discoverdn"`
	TLSMinVersion string `json:"tls_min_version" structs:"tls_min_version" mapstructure:"tls_min_version"`
	TLSMaxVersion string `json:"tls_max_version" structs:"tls_max_version" mapstructure:"tls_max_version"`

func (*ConfigEntry) DialLDAP

func (c *ConfigEntry) DialLDAP() (*ldap.Conn, error)

func (*ConfigEntry) GetTLSConfig added in v0.2.0

func (c *ConfigEntry) GetTLSConfig(host string) (*tls.Config, error)

type GroupEntry

type GroupEntry struct {
	Policies []string

type UserEntry added in v0.3.0

type UserEntry struct {
	Groups   []string
	Policies []string

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