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func ActionApplicationColumns

func ActionApplicationColumns() carapace.Action

ActionApplicationColumns completes application columns

name (Show the name)
description (Show the description)

func ActionApplicationSearch

func ActionApplicationSearch() carapace.Action

ActionApplicationSearch completes installable applications

org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser (A keyboard-driven web browser)
org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser.Userscripts (qutebrowser userscripts supporting Python modules, shared libraries, and exec...)

func ActionApplications

func ActionApplications() carapace.Action

ActionApplications completes applications

org.kde.Platform (Shared libraries used by KDE applications)
org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser (A keyboard-driven web browser)

func ActionArches

func ActionArches() carapace.Action

ActionArches completes architectures


func ActionDocumentColums

func ActionDocumentColums() carapace.Action

ActionDocumentColums completes document columns

id (Show the document ID)
path (Show the document path)

func ActionEllipsizations

func ActionEllipsizations() carapace.Action

ActionEllipsizations completes elipsizations

s (start)
m (middle)

func ActionHistoryColums

func ActionHistoryColums() carapace.Action

ActionHistoryColums completes history columns

time (Show when the change happened)
change (Show the kind of change)

func ActionProcessColums

func ActionProcessColums() carapace.Action

ActionProcessColums completes process columns

instance (Show the instance ID)
pid (Show the PID of the wrapper process)

func ActionRemoteColumns

func ActionRemoteColumns() carapace.Action

ActionRemoteColumns completes remote columns

name (Show the name)
title (Show the title)

func ActionRemoteContentColumns

func ActionRemoteContentColumns() carapace.Action

ActionRemoteContentColumns completes remote content columns

name (Show the name)
description (Show the description)

func ActionRemotes

func ActionRemotes() carapace.Action

ActionRemotes completes remotes

func ActionSearchColumns

func ActionSearchColumns() carapace.Action

ActionSearchColumns completes search columns

name (Show the name)
description (Show the description)


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