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package gh contains github related actions



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func ActionAuthScopes

func ActionAuthScopes() carapace.Action

ActionAuthScopes completes authentication scopes

admin:gpg_key (Fully manage GPG keys)
admin:org (Fully manage the organization and its teams, projects, and memberships)

func ActionCacheFields

func ActionCacheFields() carapace.Action

ActionCacheFields completes label fields


func ActionCacheRefs added in v1.0.1

func ActionCacheRefs(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionCacheRefs completes cache refs


func ActionCaches

func ActionCaches(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionCaches completes caches

41 (refs/pull/1718/merge)
42 (refs/heads/master)

func ActionCodespaceViewFields

func ActionCodespaceViewFields() carapace.Action

ActionCodespaceViewFields completes codespace fields for view

func ActionCommitFields

func ActionCommitFields() carapace.Action

ActionCommitFields completes commit fields


func ActionConfigHosts

func ActionConfigHosts() carapace.Action

ActionConfigHosts completes configured hosts

func ActionConfigUsers

func ActionConfigUsers(host string) carapace.Action

ActionConfigUsers completes configured users


func ActionContents

func ActionContents(opts ContentOpts) carapace.Action

ActionContents completes contents


func ActionCurrentAuthScopes

func ActionCurrentAuthScopes(hostname string) carapace.Action

ActionCurrentAuthScopes completes current authentication scopes for given hostname

admin:gpg_key (Fully manage GPG keys)
admin:org (Fully manage the organization and its teams, projects, and memberships)

func ActionDateFields

func ActionDateFields() carapace.Action

ActionDateFields completes date fields


func ActionDeployKeyFields

func ActionDeployKeyFields() carapace.Action

ActionDeployKeyFields completes deploy key fields


func ActionEmojis

func ActionEmojis() carapace.Action

ActionEmojis completes emoji names

100 (💯 hundred points)
1234 (🔢 input numbers)

func ActionEnvironmentVariables

func ActionEnvironmentVariables(opts EnvironmentOpts) carapace.Action

ActionEnvironmentVariables completes environment variables

first (value1)
second (value2)

func ActionGpgKeys

func ActionGpgKeys(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionGpgKeys completes gpg keys

AABBCCDDEEFF112 (example)
AABBCCDDEEFF113 (another)

func ActionHostOwnerRepositories added in v1.0.1

func ActionHostOwnerRepositories() carapace.Action

ActionHostOwnerRepositories completes [host/]owner/repository


func ActionIssueTemplates

func ActionIssueTemplates(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionIssueTemplates completes issue templates

⭐ Submit a request (Surface a feature or problem that you think should be solved)
🐛 Bug report (Report a bug or unexpected behavior while using GitHub CLI)

func ActionLabelFields

func ActionLabelFields() carapace.Action

ActionLabelFields completes label fields


func ActionLabels

func ActionLabels(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionLabels completes labels

enhancement (New feature or request)
good first issue (Good for newcomers)

func ActionLanguages added in v1.0.1

func ActionLanguages() carapace.Action

ActionLanguages completes repository languages

Go (programming)
Go Checksums (data)

func ActionLicenses

func ActionLicenses(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionLicenses completes licenses

apache-2.0 (Apache License 2.0)
bsd-2-clause (BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License)

func ActionOrganisationVariables

func ActionOrganisationVariables(opts OwnerOpts) carapace.Action

ActionOrganisationVariables completes organisation variables

first (value1)
second (value2)

func ActionOrganizations

func ActionOrganizations(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionOrganizations completes organizations

org (organization name)
another (another name)

func ActionOwnerRepositories

func ActionOwnerRepositories(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionOwnerRepositories completes owner/repository


func ActionOwners

func ActionOwners(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionOwners completes users and organizations

user (user name)
org (organization name)

func ActionPinnedIssues

func ActionPinnedIssues(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionPinnedIssues completes pinned issues

11 (issue description)
12 (issue description)

func ActionProjectItems

func ActionProjectItems(opts ProjectItemOpts) carapace.Action

ActionProjectItems completes project items

PVTI_lADOA48Fh84ABd_DzgBCG7c (Issue commands do not work with non-classic Projects)
PVTI_lADOA48Fh84ABd_DzgBCHAo (Checkout branch for issue)

func ActionProjects

func ActionProjects(opts ProjectOpts) carapace.Action

ActionProjects completes projects

1 (first project)
2 (second project)

func ActionPullRequestTemplates

func ActionPullRequestTemplates(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionPullRequestTemplates completes pull request templates (content)

func ActionReleaseFields

func ActionReleaseFields() carapace.Action

ActionReleaseFields completes release fields


func ActionRepositories

func ActionRepositories(opts OwnerOpts) carapace.Action

ActionRepositories completes repositories

carapace (command argument completion generator for spf13/cobra)
carapace-bin (multi-shell multi-command argument completer)

func ActionRepositoryVariables

func ActionRepositoryVariables(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionRepositoryVariables completes repository variables

first (value1)
second (value2)

func ActionRulesets

func ActionRulesets(opts RepoOpts) carapace.Action

ActionRulesets completes rulesets

1 (Rules)
2 (Another)

func ActionSecretFields

func ActionSecretFields() carapace.Action

ActionSecretFields completes secret fields


func ActionSshKeys

func ActionSshKeys(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionSshKeys completes ssh keys

12345678 (title)
23456789 (another)

func ActionTeams added in v1.0.1

func ActionTeams(opts OwnerOpts) carapace.Action

ActionTeams completes teams

first-team (description of first team)
second-team (description of second team)

func ActionUsers

func ActionUsers(opts HostOpts) carapace.Action

ActionUsers completes users

user (user name)
another (another name)

func ActionVariableFields

func ActionVariableFields() carapace.Action

ActionVariableFields completes variable fields


func ActionWorkflowEvents

func ActionWorkflowEvents() carapace.Action

ActionWorkflowEvents completes events triggering a workflow


func ActionWorkflowFields

func ActionWorkflowFields() carapace.Action

ActionWorkflowFields completes workflow fields.


type ContentOpts

type ContentOpts struct {
	Host   string
	Owner  string
	Name   string
	Branch string
	Path   string // TODO should be handled using `Context.Value`

type EnvironmentOpts

type EnvironmentOpts struct {
	Host        string
	Owner       string
	Name        string
	Environment string

type HostOpts

type HostOpts struct {
	Host string

type OwnerOpts

type OwnerOpts struct {
	Host  string
	Owner string

type ProjectItemOpts

type ProjectItemOpts struct {
	Host     string
	Owner    string
	Project  int
	Archived bool

type ProjectOpts

type ProjectOpts struct {
	Host   string
	Owner  string
	Open   bool
	Closed bool

func (ProjectOpts) Default

func (o ProjectOpts) Default() ProjectOpts

type RepoOpts

type RepoOpts struct {
	Host  string
	Owner string
	Name  string


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