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func ActionConfigs

func ActionConfigs(includeDefaults bool) carapace.Action

func ActionConflicts

func ActionConflicts(revision string) carapace.Action

ActionConflicts completes conflicts

func ActionHeadCommits

func ActionHeadCommits(limit int) carapace.Action

ActionHeadCommits completes head commits

534f6d79780e ([HEAD~04] build(deps): bump github.com/creack/pty from 1.1.18 to 1.1.20 (#8265))
5eff7a529adc ([HEAD~03] fix(release create): Handle latest flag value when updating the rel...)

func ActionLocalBranches

func ActionLocalBranches() carapace.Action

ActionLocalBranches completes local branches

master (qvlkomxp 9a2e553b (empty) Merge pull request #939 from rsteube/docker-update-...)
mdbook-linkcheck (numonpmw ad5c8efd mdbook: enable web-links)

func ActionNextCommits

func ActionNextCommits(limit int) carapace.Action

func ActionOperations

func ActionOperations(limit int) carapace.Action

ActionOperations completes operations

c9f7e4956c01 (initialize repo)
902f106af7d3 (check out git remote's default branch)

func ActionPrevCommits

func ActionPrevCommits(limit int) carapace.Action

ActionPrevCommits completes head commits

04 (build(deps): bump github.com/creack/pty from 1.1.18 to 1.1.20 (#8265))
03 (fix(release create): Handle latest flag value when updating the rel...)

func ActionRecentCommits

func ActionRecentCommits(limit int) carapace.Action

ActionRecentCommits completes recent commits

3b61f0a729f7 (compat: added cobra bridge)
3c2e7535ce2f (elivsh: testing tag support)

func ActionRemoteBranches

func ActionRemoteBranches(remote string) carapace.Action

ActionRemoteBranches completes remote branches

master@git (qvlkomxp 9a2e553b (empty) Merge pull request #939 from rsteube/docker-update-...)
master@origin (qvlkomxp 9a2e553b (empty) Merge pull request #939 from rsteube/docker-update-...)

func ActionRemotes

func ActionRemotes() carapace.Action

ActionRemotes completes remotes

carapace (https://github.com/carapace-sh/carapace)
carapace-bin (https://github.com/carapace-sh/carapace-bin)

func ActionRevChanges

func ActionRevChanges(revisions ...string) carapace.Action

ActionRevChanges completes changes made in given revisions

func ActionRevDiffs

func ActionRevDiffs(revisions ...string) carapace.Action

ActionRevDiffs completes changes beetween revisions Accepts up to two revisions

0: compare current workspace to parent revision
1: compare current workspace to given revision
2: compare first revision to second revision

func ActionRevFiles

func ActionRevFiles(rev string) carapace.Action

ActionRevFiles completes files of given revision


func ActionRevSetFunctions

func ActionRevSetFunctions() carapace.Action

ActionRevSetFunctions completes refset functions

parents (Same as x-)
children (Same as x+)

func ActionRevSets

func ActionRevSets(opts RevOption) carapace.Action

ActionRevSets completes revision sets

func ActionRevs

func ActionRevs(revOption RevOption) carapace.Action

ActionRevs completes refs (commits, branches, tags)

func ActionTags

func ActionTags() carapace.Action

ActionTags completes tags

v0.0.4 (added prefix to functions)
v0.0.5 (fish: fix test)

func ActionWorkspaces

func ActionWorkspaces() carapace.Action

ActionWorkspaces completes workspaces

default (qzzmpvmx 2ceef6bf (no description set)
another (oxtpukyp 00a745c4 (empty) (no description set))


type RevOption

type RevOption struct {
	LocalBranches  bool
	RemoteBranches bool
	Commits        int
	HeadCommits    int
	Tags           bool

func (RevOption) Default

func (o RevOption) Default() RevOption

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