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func ActionBoxProviders

func ActionBoxProviders(name string, version string) carapace.Action

ActionBoxProviders completes box providers

func ActionBoxVersions

func ActionBoxVersions(name string, provider string) carapace.Action

ActionBoxVersions completes box versions

func ActionBoxes

func ActionBoxes() carapace.Action

ActionBoxes completes boxes

func ActionCloudBoxProviders

func ActionCloudBoxProviders(name string) carapace.Action

ActionCloudBoxProviders completes cloud box providers

func ActionCloudBoxSearch

func ActionCloudBoxSearch(provider string) carapace.Action

ActionCloudBoxSearch completes cloud boxes

func ActionCloudBoxVersions

func ActionCloudBoxVersions(name string, provider string) carapace.Action

ActionCloudBoxVersions completes cloud box versions

func ActionGlobalMachines

func ActionGlobalMachines() carapace.Action

ActionGlobalMachines completes global machines

func ActionLocalMachines

func ActionLocalMachines() carapace.Action

ActionLocalMachines complets local machines

func ActionMachines

func ActionMachines() carapace.Action

ActionMachines completes machines

func ActionPlugins

func ActionPlugins(opts PluginOpts) carapace.Action

ActionPlugins completes plugins

func ActionProviders

func ActionProviders() carapace.Action

ActionProviders completes providers

func ActionProvisioners

func ActionProvisioners() carapace.Action

ActionProvisioners completes provisioners

func ActionSnapshots

func ActionSnapshots(machine string) carapace.Action

ActionSnapshots completes snapshots


type PluginOpts

type PluginOpts struct {
	Local  bool
	Global bool

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