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const Version = "Version"

    Version is the metadata field name


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    var (
    	// ErrNotModified is returned when the stored version is the same as provided
    	ErrNotModified = errors.New("not modified")
    	// ErrVersionConflict when it's trying to update a file with an old version
    	ErrVersionConflict = errors.New("version conflict")
    	// ErrInvalidVersion when the stored version is missing or invalid
    	ErrInvalidVersion = errors.New("invalid version")
    	// ErrNotFound when the file is not found
    	ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")


    func NewStore

    func NewStore(bucket, key, region string, logger *log.Logger) *store

      NewStore creates a new store using the provided key and bucket


      type Store

      type Store interface {
      	// GetCurrentVersion retrieves the version stored.
      	GetCurrentVersion() (time.Time, error)
      	// Get retrieves the file
      	Get(time.Time, io.Writer) (time.Time, error)
      	// SafePut overwrites the file if the new version is newer than the stored one.
      	SafePut(time.Time, int64, io.ReadSeeker) error
      	// Overwrite overwrites the version stored.
      	Overwrite(int64, io.ReadSeeker) error

        Store retrieves and updates the TODO list

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