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Package manager from common/admin contains a set of APIs used to interact with and administer the Ceph manager (mgr).



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type DisabledModule

type DisabledModule struct {
	Name        string `json:"name"`
	CanRun      bool   `json:"can_run"`
	ErrorString string `json:"error_string"`

DisabledModule describes a disabled Ceph mgr module. The Ceph JSON structure contains a complex module_options substructure that go-ceph does not currently implement.

type MgrAdmin

type MgrAdmin struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MgrAdmin is used to administrate ceph's manager (mgr).

func NewFromConn

func NewFromConn(conn ccom.RadosCommander) *MgrAdmin

NewFromConn creates an new management object from a preexisting rados connection. The existing connection can be rados.Conn or any type implementing the RadosCommander interface.

func (*MgrAdmin) DisableModule

func (fsa *MgrAdmin) DisableModule(module string) error

DisableModule will disable the specified manager module.

Similar To:

ceph mgr module disable <module>

func (*MgrAdmin) EnableModule

func (fsa *MgrAdmin) EnableModule(module string, force bool) error

EnableModule will enable the specified manager module.

Similar To:

ceph mgr module enable <module> [--force]

func (*MgrAdmin) ListModules

func (fsa *MgrAdmin) ListModules() (*ModuleInfo, error)

ListModules returns a module info struct reporting the lists of enabled, disabled, and always-on modules in the Ceph mgr.

type ModuleInfo

type ModuleInfo struct {
	// EnabledModules lists the names of the enabled modules.
	EnabledModules []string `json:"enabled_modules"`
	// AlwaysOnModules lists the names of the always-on modules.
	AlwaysOnModules []string `json:"always_on_modules"`
	// DisabledModules lists structures describing modules that are
	// not currently enabled.
	DisabledModules []DisabledModule `json:"disabled_modules"`

ModuleInfo contains fields that report the status of modules within the ceph mgr.

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