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Published: Sep 5, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 40 Imported by: 0



Package keeper specifies the keeper for the cvm module.



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const (
	// TODO: consolidate native contract gas consumption
	GasBase uint64 = 1000
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const TransactionGasLimit = uint64(5000000)

TransactionGasLimit is the gas limit of the block.


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var (
	InsufficientGasErrorCode   = types.BurrowErrorCodeStart + errors.Codes.InsufficientGas.ErrorCode().Number
	CodeOutOfBoundsErrorCode   = types.BurrowErrorCodeStart + errors.Codes.CodeOutOfBounds.ErrorCode().Number
	ExecutionRevertedErrorCode = types.BurrowErrorCodeStart + errors.Codes.ExecutionReverted.ErrorCode().Number
		pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.6.0;
		contract Hello55 {
			function sayHi() public pure returns (uint) {
				return 55;
	Hello55BytecodeString     = "" /* 404-byte string literal not displayed */
	Hello55AbiJsonString      = `` /* 139-byte string literal not displayed */
	Hello55MetadataJsonString = `` /* 762-byte string literal not displayed */

		pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.6.0;
		contract BasicTests {
			uint myFavoriteNumber = 34;
			function addTwoNumbers(uint a, uint b) public pure returns (uint) {
				return a + b;
			function failureFunction() public pure {
				revert("Go away!!");
			function setMyFavoriteNumber(uint newFavNum) public {
				myFavoriteNumber = newFavNum;
	BasicTestsBytecodeString = "" /* 850-byte string literal not displayed */
	BasicTestsAbiJsonString  = `` /* 827-byte string literal not displayed */

		pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.6.0;
		contract GoofyContract {
			uint public goofyNumber;
			function setGoofyNumber(uint a) public {
				goofyNumber = a;
		contract GasTests {
			GoofyContract gc;
			function addTwoNumbers(uint a, uint b) public pure returns (uint) {
				return a + b;
			function hashMe(bytes memory b) public pure returns (bytes32) {
				return keccak256(b);
			function deployAnotherContract() public {
				gc = new GoofyContract();
			function setGoofyNumber(uint a) public returns (uint) {
				return gc.goofyNumber();
	GasTestsBytecodeString = "" /* 2420-byte string literal not displayed */
	GasTestsAbiJsonString  = `` /* 1300-byte string literal not displayed */

	//derived using
	AddTwoNumbersGasCost         uint64 = 13055
	HashMeGasCost                uint64 = 13099
	DeployAnotherContractGasCost uint64 = 113549 + 92277
	SetGoofyNumberGasCost        uint64 = 47895 + 26367

		pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.6.0;
		contract GasRefund {
			uint stupidNumber;
			constructor() public {
			function iWillRevert() public {
				uint a = 4 + 5;
				revert("thats enough work for now");
			function iWillFail() public {
				uint a = 4 - 4;
				uint b = 6 / a;
			function deleteFromStorage() public {
				stupidNumber = 0;
			function die() public {
	//GasRefundBytecodeString = /* version with self destruct address as longer string */ "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"
	GasRefundBytecodeString = "" /* 782-byte string literal not displayed */
	GasRefundAbiJsonString  = `` /* 840-byte string literal not displayed */

	CtkTransferTestBytecodeString = "" /* 714-byte string literal not displayed */
	CtkTransferTestAbiJsonString  = `` /* 599-byte string literal not displayed */

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var (
	Addrs = []sdk.AccAddress{


func NewEventSink

func NewEventSink(ctx sdk.Context) *eventSink

func NewGasMeter

func NewGasMeter(limit uint64) sdk.GasMeter

func NewQuerier

func NewQuerier(keeper Keeper) sdk.Querier

NewQuerier is the module level router for state queries.

func RegisterGlobalPermissionAcc

func RegisterGlobalPermissionAcc(ctx sdk.Context, k Keeper)

RegisterGlobalPermissionAcc registers the zero address as the global permission account.

func WrapLogger

func WrapLogger(l log.Logger) *logging.Logger

WrapLogger converts a Tendermint logger into Burrow logger.


type Blockchain

type Blockchain struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Blockchain implements the blockchain interface from burrow to make state queries.

func NewBlockChain

func NewBlockChain(ctx sdk.Context, k Keeper) *Blockchain

NewBlockChain returns the pointer to a new BlockChain type data.

func (*Blockchain) BlockHash

func (bc *Blockchain) BlockHash(height uint64) ([]byte, error)

BlockHash returns the block's hash at the provided height.

func (*Blockchain) LastBlockHeight

func (bc *Blockchain) LastBlockHeight() uint64

LastBlockHeight returns the last block height of the chain.

func (*Blockchain) LastBlockTime

func (bc *Blockchain) LastBlockTime() time.Time

LastBlockTime return the unix Time type for the last block.

type CertificateCallable

type CertificateCallable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Keeper

type Keeper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Keeper implements SDK Keeper.

func NewKeeper

NewKeeper creates a new instance of the CVM keeper.

func (Keeper) AuthKeeper

func (k Keeper) AuthKeeper() types.AccountKeeper

AuthKeeper returns keeper's AccountKeeper.

func (*Keeper) Call

func (k *Keeper) Call(ctx sdk.Context, caller, callee sdk.AccAddress, value uint64, data []byte, payloadMeta []*payload.ContractMeta, view bool) ([]byte, error)

Call executes the CVM call from caller to callee with the given data and gas limit.

func (Keeper) GetAllContracts

func (k Keeper) GetAllContracts(ctx sdk.Context) []types.Contract

GetAllContracts gets all contracts for genesis export.

func (Keeper) GetAllMetas

func (k Keeper) GetAllMetas(ctx sdk.Context) []types.Metadata

GetAllMetas gets all metadata for genesis export.

func (Keeper) GetCode

func (k Keeper) GetCode(ctx sdk.Context, addr crypto.Address) ([]byte, error)

GetCode returns the code at the given account address.

func (*Keeper) GetGasRate

func (k *Keeper) GetGasRate(ctx sdk.Context) uint64

GetGasRate returns the gas rate in parameters subspace.

func (Keeper) GetStorage

func (k Keeper) GetStorage(ctx sdk.Context, address crypto.Address, key binary.Word256) ([]byte, error)

GetStorage returns the value stored given the address and key.

func (Keeper) NewState

func (k Keeper) NewState(ctx sdk.Context) *State

NewState returns a new instance of State type data.

func (Keeper) RecycleCoins

func (k Keeper) RecycleCoins(ctx sdk.Context) error

RecycleCoins transfers tokens from the zero address to the community pool.

func (Keeper) Send

func (k Keeper) Send(ctx sdk.Context, caller, callee sdk.AccAddress, coins sdk.Coins) error

Send executes the send transaction from caller to callee with the given amount of tokens.

func (Keeper) SetAbi

func (k Keeper) SetAbi(ctx sdk.Context, address crypto.Address, abi []byte)

SetAbi stores the abi for the address.

func (Keeper) SetGasRate

func (k Keeper) SetGasRate(ctx sdk.Context, gasRate uint64)

SetGasRate sets parameters subspace for gas rate.

func (Keeper) StoreLastBlockHash

func (k Keeper) StoreLastBlockHash(ctx sdk.Context)

StoreLastBlockHash stores the last block hash.

type State

type State struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

State is the CVM state object. It implements acmstate.ReaderWriter.

func (*State) GetAccount

func (s *State) GetAccount(address crypto.Address) (*acm.Account, error)

GetAccount gets an account by its address and returns nil if it does not exist (which should not be an error).

func (*State) GetAddressMeta

func (s *State) GetAddressMeta(address crypto.Address) ([]*acm.ContractMeta, error)

GetAddressMeta returns the metadata hash of an address

func (*State) GetMetadata

func (s *State) GetMetadata(metahash acmstate.MetadataHash) (string, error)

GetMetadata returns the metadata of the cvm module.

func (*State) GetStorage

func (s *State) GetStorage(address crypto.Address, key binary.Word256) (value []byte, err error)

GetStorage retrieves a 32-byte value stored at the key for the account at the address and returns Zero256 if the key does not exist or if the address does not exist.

Note: burrow/acm/acmstate.StorageGetter claims that an error should be thrown upon non-existing address. However, when being embedded in acmstate.Cache, which is the case here, we cannot do that because the contract creation code might load from the new contract's storage, while the cache layer caches the account creation action hence the embedded storage getter will not be aware of it. Returning error in this case would fail the contract deployment.

func (*State) RemoveAccount

func (s *State) RemoveAccount(address crypto.Address) error

RemoveAccount removes the account at the address.

func (*State) SetAddressMeta

func (s *State) SetAddressMeta(address crypto.Address, contMeta []*acm.ContractMeta) error

SetAddressMeta sets the metadata hash for an address

func (*State) SetMetadata

func (s *State) SetMetadata(metahash acmstate.MetadataHash, metadata string) error

SetMetadata sets the metadata of the cvm module.

func (*State) SetStorage

func (s *State) SetStorage(address crypto.Address, key binary.Word256, value []byte) error

SetStorage stores a 32-byte value at the key for the account at the address. Setting to Zero256 removes the key.

func (*State) UpdateAccount

func (s *State) UpdateAccount(updatedAccount *acm.Account) error

UpdateAccount updates the fields of updatedAccount by address, creating the account if it does not exist.

type TestDistrKeeper

type TestDistrKeeper struct {
	CommunityPool *sdk.Coins

func (*TestDistrKeeper) FundCommunityPool

func (tdk *TestDistrKeeper) FundCommunityPool(ctx sdk.Context, amount sdk.Coins, sender sdk.AccAddress) error

type TestInput

type TestInput struct {
	Cdc           *codec.Codec
	Ctx           sdk.Context
	CvmKeeper     Keeper
	AccountKeeper auth.AccountKeeper
	BankKeeper    bank.Keeper
	DistrKeeper   *TestDistrKeeper
	CertKeeper    cert.Keeper

func CreateTestInput

func CreateTestInput(t *testing.T) TestInput

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