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func DryRunStaticPodUpgrade

func DryRunStaticPodUpgrade(internalcfg *kubeadmapi.MasterConfiguration) error

    DryRunStaticPodUpgrade fakes an upgrade of the control plane

    func EnforceVersionPolicies

    func EnforceVersionPolicies(flags *applyFlags, versionGetter upgrade.VersionGetter) error

      EnforceVersionPolicies makes sure that the version the user specified is valid to upgrade to There are both fatal and skippable (with --force) errors

      func InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade

      func InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade(question string) error

        InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade asks the user whether they _really_ want to upgrade.

        func NewCmdApply

        func NewCmdApply(parentFlags *cmdUpgradeFlags) *cobra.Command

          NewCmdApply returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade apply`

          func NewCmdPlan

          func NewCmdPlan(parentFlags *cmdUpgradeFlags) *cobra.Command

            NewCmdPlan returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade plan`

            func NewCmdUpgrade

            func NewCmdUpgrade(out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

              NewCmdUpgrade returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade`

              func PerformControlPlaneUpgrade

              func PerformControlPlaneUpgrade(flags *applyFlags, client clientset.Interface, waiter apiclient.Waiter, internalcfg *kubeadmapi.MasterConfiguration) error

                PerformControlPlaneUpgrade actually performs the upgrade procedure for the cluster of your type (self-hosted or static-pod-hosted)

                func PerformStaticPodUpgrade

                func PerformStaticPodUpgrade(client clientset.Interface, waiter apiclient.Waiter, internalcfg *kubeadmapi.MasterConfiguration, etcdUpgrade bool) error

                  PerformStaticPodUpgrade performs the upgrade of the control plane components for a static pod hosted cluster

                  func RunApply

                  func RunApply(flags *applyFlags) error

                    RunApply takes care of the actual upgrade functionality It does the following things: - Checks if the cluster is healthy - Gets the configuration from the kubeadm-config ConfigMap in the cluster - Enforces all version skew policies - Asks the user if they really want to upgrade - Makes sure the control plane images are available locally on the master(s) - Upgrades the control plane components - Applies the other resources that'd be created with kubeadm init as well, like

                    - Creating the RBAC rules for the bootstrap tokens and the cluster-info ConfigMap
                    - Applying new kube-dns and kube-proxy manifests
                    - Uploads the newly used configuration to the cluster ConfigMap

                    func RunPlan

                    func RunPlan(parentFlags *cmdUpgradeFlags) error

                      RunPlan takes care of outputting available versions to upgrade to for the user

                      func SetImplicitFlags

                      func SetImplicitFlags(flags *applyFlags) error

                        SetImplicitFlags handles dynamically defaulting flags based on each other's value


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