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const (
	// FormatJSON will be used to indicate a JSON file
	FormatJSON = uint(2)
	// FormatText will be used to indicate a text file, or when an unknown mimetype is found
	FormatText = uint(1)
	// FormatUnknown will be used to indicate a problem
	FormatUnknown = uint(0)


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var (

	// EnvBasePath is the parent location used to prefix storage paths,
	// default value is filepath.Join(os.Getenv("HOME"), ".ssh", "cache")
	EnvBasePath string

	// EnvSSHDefaultUsername sets the default used in connections,
	// default value is os.Getenv("USER")
	EnvSSHDefaultUsername string

	// EnvSSHUsername is used to authenticate with SSH

	// EnvSSHIdentityFile is used for SSH authentication,
	// default value is filepath.Join("~", ".ssh", "id_ed25519")
	EnvSSHIdentityFile string

	// EnvVaultAddr is the default location for Vault,
	// default value is os.Getenv(vaultApi.EnvVaultAddress)
	EnvVaultAddr string

	// SecretPath is the location used for connection manangement
	SecretPath = "secret/ssh_ms"


func GetFileType

func GetFileType(fh *os.File) (uint, error)

GetFileType will return the mimetype of a file fh : file handle

func NormalizePath added in v1.2.2

func NormalizePath(path string) string

NormalizePath will handle the shell expansion of tilde


type Settings

type Settings struct {
	LogLevel                                                     logrus.Level
	Debug, Simulate, StoredToken, Verbose, Version, VersionCheck bool
	ConfigComment, ConfigMotd, EnvSSHDefaultUsername, EnvSSHIdentityFile,
	CustomLocalForward, EnvSSHUsername, EnvVaultAddr, SecretPath, Show, StoragePath, User, VaultAddr, VaultToken, VaultVersion string

Settings contains the configuration details

func GetConfig

func GetConfig() *Settings

GetConfig returns an instance of Settings ensuring that only one instance is ever returned

func (*Settings) ToJSON

func (s *Settings) ToJSON() string

ToJSON returns the config in JSON format

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