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Published: Sep 2, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func ErrorCode

func ErrorCode(err error) int

ErrorCode TODO

func QueueIDFromQuery

func QueueIDFromQuery(q string) (qid sth.QueueID, err error)

QueueIDFromQuery TODO

type CallByQueueID

type CallByQueueID func(sth.QueueID) (sth.Result, error)

CallByQueueID TODO

type ConfigController

type ConfigController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigController TODO

func NewConfigController

func NewConfigController(rdsconfig *redisconfig.RedisConfig) *ConfigController

NewConfigController TODO

func (*ConfigController) GetConfig

func (ctrl *ConfigController) GetConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

GetConfig TODO

func (*ConfigController) SetConfig

func (ctrl *ConfigController) SetConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

SetConfig TODO

type InvalidBody

type InvalidBody string

InvalidBody TODO

func (InvalidBody) Error

func (e InvalidBody) Error() string

type InvalidQuery

type InvalidQuery string

InvalidQuery TODO

func (InvalidQuery) Error

func (e InvalidQuery) Error() string

type QueueController

type QueueController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

QueueController TODO

func NewQueueController

func NewQueueController(queueBox *queuebox.QueueBox) *QueueController

NewQueueController TODO

func (*QueueController) ClearQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) ClearQueue(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

ClearQueue TODO

func (*QueueController) DeleteQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) DeleteQueue(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

DeleteQueue TODO

func (*QueueController) PauseQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) PauseQueue(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

PauseQueue TODO

func (*QueueController) QueueInfo

func (ctrl *QueueController) QueueInfo(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

QueueInfo TODO

func (*QueueController) ResumeQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) ResumeQueue(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

ResumeQueue TODO

func (*QueueController) SyncQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) SyncQueue(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

SyncQueue TODO

func (*QueueController) ViewQueue

func (ctrl *QueueController) ViewQueue(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

ViewQueue TODO

type QueuesController

type QueuesController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

QueuesController TODO

func NewQueuesController

func NewQueuesController(queueBox *queuebox.QueueBox, guard *redisguard.Guard) *QueuesController

NewQueuesController TODO

func (*QueuesController) Queues

func (ctrl *QueuesController) Queues(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

Queues TODO

func (*QueuesController) QueuesInfo

func (ctrl *QueuesController) QueuesInfo(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

QueuesInfo TODO

func (*QueuesController) ViewQueues

func (ctrl *QueuesController) ViewQueues(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

ViewQueues TODO

type RedisController

type RedisController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RedisController TODO

func NewRedisController

func NewRedisController(client *redis.Client) *RedisController

NewRedisController TODO

func (*RedisController) RedisInfo

func (ctrl *RedisController) RedisInfo(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

RedisInfo TODO

type RequestController

type RequestController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RequestController TODO

func NewRequestController

func NewRequestController(queueBox *queuebox.QueueBox, guard *redisguard.Guard) *RequestController

NewRequestController TODO

func (*RequestController) DequeueRequest

func (ctrl *RequestController) DequeueRequest(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

DequeueRequest TODO

func (*RequestController) EnqueueRequest

func (ctrl *RequestController) EnqueueRequest(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

EnqueueRequest TODO

type RequestWrapperController

type RequestWrapperController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RequestWrapperController TODO

func NewRequestWrapperController

func NewRequestWrapperController(wrapper *reqwrap.RequestWrapper) *RequestWrapperController

NewRequestWrapperController TODO

func (*RequestWrapperController) AddRequestConfig

func (ctrl *RequestWrapperController) AddRequestConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

AddRequestConfig TODO

func (*RequestWrapperController) DeleteRequestConfig

func (ctrl *RequestWrapperController) DeleteRequestConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

DeleteRequestConfig TODO

func (*RequestWrapperController) GetRequestConfig

func (ctrl *RequestWrapperController) GetRequestConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

GetRequestConfig TODO

func (*RequestWrapperController) MatchRequestConfig

func (ctrl *RequestWrapperController) MatchRequestConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

MatchRequestConfig TODO

func (*RequestWrapperController) TryRequestConfig

func (ctrl *RequestWrapperController) TryRequestConfig(c *gin.Context) (result sth.Result, err error)

TryRequestConfig TODO

type ServController

type ServController struct {

ServController TODO

func NewServController

func NewServController(serv *serv.Serv) *ServController

NewServController TODO

func (*ServController) Info

func (ctrl *ServController) Info(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)


func (*ServController) Pause

func (ctrl *ServController) Pause(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

Pause TODO

func (*ServController) Resume

func (ctrl *ServController) Resume(c *gin.Context) (sth.Result, error)

Resume TODO

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