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const (
	AlgorithmHS256 = "HS256"



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var (
	// DefaultJWTConfig is the default JWT auth middleware config.
	DefaultJWTConfig = JWTConfig{
		Skipper:       middleware.DefaultSkipper,
		SigningMethod: AlgorithmHS256,
		ContextKey:    "jwt",
		AuthScheme:    "Bearer",
		Claims:        &logitClaims{},
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var (
	ErrJWTMissing = echo.NewHTTPError(http.StatusUnauthorized, "missing or malformed jwt")



func JWT

func JWT(key interface{}) echo.MiddlewareFunc

JWT returns a JSON Web Token (JWT) auth middleware.

For valid token, it sets the user in context and calls next handler. For invalid token, it returns "401 - Unauthorized" error. For missing token, it returns "400 - Bad Request" error.


func JWTWithConfig

func JWTWithConfig(config JWTConfig) echo.MiddlewareFunc

JWTWithConfig returns a JWT auth middleware with config. See: `JWT()`.


type JWTConfig

type JWTConfig struct {
	// Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
	Skipper middleware.Skipper

	// BeforeFunc defines a function which is executed just before the middleware.
	BeforeFunc middleware.BeforeFunc

	// SuccessHandler defines a function which is executed for a valid token.
	SuccessHandler JWTSuccessHandler

	// ErrorHandler defines a function which is executed for an invalid token.
	// It may be used to define a custom JWT error.
	ErrorHandler JWTErrorHandler

	// ErrorHandlerWithContext is almost identical to ErrorHandler, but it's passed the current context.
	ErrorHandlerWithContext JWTErrorHandlerWithContext

	// Signing key to validate token. Used as fallback if SigningKeys has length 0.
	// Required. This or SigningKeys.
	SigningKey interface{}

	// Map of signing keys to validate token with kid field usage.
	// Required. This or SigningKey.
	SigningKeys map[string]interface{}

	// Signing method, used to check token signing method.
	// Optional. Default value HS256.
	SigningMethod string

	// Context key to store user information from the token into context.
	// Optional. Default value "user".
	ContextKey string

	// Claims are extendable claims data defining token content.
	// Optional. Default value jwt_go.MapClaims
	Claims jwt_go.Claims

	// AuthScheme to be used in the Authorization header.
	// Optional. Default value "Bearer".
	AuthScheme string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JWTConfig defines the config for JWT middleware.

type JWTErrorHandler

type JWTErrorHandler func(error) error

JWTErrorHandler defines a function which is executed for an invalid token.

type JWTErrorHandlerWithContext

type JWTErrorHandlerWithContext func(error, echo.Context) error

JWTErrorHandlerWithContext is almost identical to JWTErrorHandler, but it's passed the current context.

type JWTSuccessHandler

type JWTSuccessHandler func(echo.Context)

JWTSuccessHandler defines a function which is executed for a valid token.

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