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type PGProfileServer

type PGProfileServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PGProfileServer implements the profile store GRPC interface

func New

func New(db *pgdb.DB, esBackend *relaxting.ES2Backend, esClient *ingestic.ESClient, profiles *config.Profiles,
	eventsClient automate_event.EventServiceClient, statusSrv *statusserver.Server) *PGProfileServer

New creates a new server

func (*PGProfileServer) Create

func (srv *PGProfileServer) Create(stream profiles.ProfilesService_CreateServer) error

func (*PGProfileServer) Delete

func (srv *PGProfileServer) Delete(ctx context.Context, in *profiles.ProfileDetails) (*pb.Empty, error)

Delete never deletes a profile, it only deletes the associations

func (*PGProfileServer) List

func (srv *PGProfileServer) List(ctx context.Context, in *profiles.Query) (*profiles.Profiles, error)

func (*PGProfileServer) MetaSearch

func (srv *PGProfileServer) MetaSearch(ctx context.Context, profileSha256 *profiles.Sha256) (*profiles.Missing, error)

Check the existence of profile IDs(sha256) in the comp-*-profiles ES index

func (*PGProfileServer) MigrateDiskProfiles

func (srv *PGProfileServer) MigrateDiskProfiles(ctx context.Context, in *pb.Empty) (*pb.Empty, error)

func (*PGProfileServer) Read

func (srv *PGProfileServer) Read(ctx context.Context, in *profiles.ProfileDetails) (*profiles.Profile, error)

func (*PGProfileServer) ReadTar

func (srv *PGProfileServer) ReadTar(in *profiles.ProfileDetails, stream profiles.ProfilesService_ReadTarServer) (err error)

func (*PGProfileServer) RebuildElasticCache

func (srv *PGProfileServer) RebuildElasticCache(ctx context.Context, in *pb.Empty) (*pb.Empty, error)
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